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    • ::::: Mononoke.Bt | MBT | Anime | 2022 Review ::::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tracker Name Mononoke.Bt Tracker URL http://mononoke-bt.org/ Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Genre Anime Seed Difficulty Easy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Description :::  FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for ANIME . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Home Page ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Browser ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rules ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: FAQ ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: User Classes ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Top 10 ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Stats ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rating ::: CONTENT       : 6 / 10 PRETIMES       : 6 / 10 SPEED               : 6 / 10 COMMUNITY : 6 / 10 OVERALL         : 6 / 10
    • ::::: Torrent-Turk | TORK | General | 2022 Review ::::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tracker Name Torrent-Turk Tracker URL https://torrent-turk.de/ Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Genre General Seed Difficulty Easy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Description :::  Torrent-Turk alive since 2017 Yes some torrent files are dead but , You can NOT upload torrents , and you have to seed for 72 Hours if your ratio did not pass 1.1 plus you will get H&R if you didn't keep your seed for 72 Hours , plus with bonus system where you can invite friend . and you can choose to 2 Interface language ( English and Turkish ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Home Page ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Browser ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Forums ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rules ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: FAQ ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Stats ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Bonus ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Donate ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rating ::: CONTENT       : 7 / 10 PRETIMES       : 6 / 10 SPEED               : 6 / 10 COMMUNITY : 6 / 10 OVERALL         : 6 / 10
    • :::::  Punk's Horror Tracker | PHT | Movies | 2022 Review  ::::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tracker Name Punk's Horror Tracker Tracker URL https://punck-tracker.net/ Tracker Signup Invite Only Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Genre Movies Seed Difficulty Easy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Description :::  Punk's Horror Tracker is a movies private , currently set to invite only, so you have to register to get full access to the site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Home Page ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Browser ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Forums ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: STATS ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rules ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: FAQ ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: User Classes ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: REQUESTS ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Bonus ::: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ::: Rating ::: CONTENT       : 6 / 10 PRETIMES       : 6 / 10 SPEED               : 6 / 10 COMMUNITY : 6 / 10 OVERALL         : 6 / 10
    • please email address
    • DESCRIPTION Newz-complex.org mainly indexes German NZBs, but also has a lot of files available for gamers. Currently, their administrators have disabled registration on their website. Newz-complex.org was previously offline back in November 2017 and has recently been up and running again. However, this NZB site does not allow new members to register to their site. To be able to get into Newz-complex.org, you would need to contact their site admin. Once you are able to get in, you can get access to a decent number of NZB files mainly from German newsgroups. HIGHLIGHTS German NZB Indexer Registration disabled Invites: Inquire with Admin German Newsgroups crawled 2 Membership levels: Free & VIP No Advertisements Integrations: SabNZBD, NZBGet, Sonarr, CouchPotato, NZB Vortex, etc. Active Forum Spam-free Indexes Privacy: SSL FEATURES Newz-complex.org is a German NZB indexer that has German newsgroups crawled. Currently, the site is not open for registration, but it may be possible to get an invitation from the sites admin. The website does not run any advertisements and has no IRC capabilities. However, they have an active forum community to help users engage and seek help with the entire process of downloading files or with Usenet in general. Newz-complex.org is SSL enabled which guarantees privacy and security and with their indexer running every 15 minutes, you get the most updated files available. Both free and VIP members also get a decent amount of NZB grabs and API hits and they have integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, Sonarr, CouchPotato, NZBVortex, etc. Interface Newz-complex.org has a very simple interface that can easily be navigated through even by new users. Files are categorized well and includes a lot of NZBs that cater to gamers. Mainly focused on German NZB files, Newz-complex.org has several German newsgroups crawled on their website. They also have a forum page that can be very useful for their members. Technical Details Hardware details and technical information are not disclosed. Since the site has been online again, they have had an uptime average of 98%. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN SEARCH BROWSE CATEGORIES CONCLUSION Newz-complex.org is a good option as far as German NZB indexers are concerned. They have a decent number of German files coming from their crawled newsgroups that offer a variety of file types, including a lot of NZBs catered to gamers. What is especially nice about this NZB site is that they keep spams out of their indexer, which guarantees users quality downloads. However, to be able to enjoy all their features, you would need to secure an invite from their admin. Once you’re in, you can either explore as a free member with limited NZB downloads and API hits or upgrade to a donor level and enjoy a lot more downloads and APIs. All in all, Newz-complex.org is a pretty convenient and competent indexer that would be enjoyed the most by those looking for German NZBs.
    • DESCRIPTION NZBFinder is a community-based NZB forum that is well-known as one of the top NZB sites in the Usenet industry. NZBFinder indexes high-quality audio, video groups, SD release, books and other miscellaneous files. They are a community based NZB forum that has both free search and premium accounts. Like other Usenet search engines, NZBFinder indexes Usenet content, and they specialize in providing high-quality and popular NZBs. Their free membership level allows you to search the site, but with limited features. Paid members get a lot more API hits and unlimited downloads. NZBFinder is a Newznab based site which makes it easy to use for beginners and familiar to experienced users. They specialize in providing popular NZB files from high-quality audio, video groups, SD releases and books. Recently, NZBFinder has made several updates on their user interface including the reduction of size of all their assests which makes their system load faster even on slower connections. Aside from this they’ve included a two-factor authentication feature to secure your account, dark mode feature, boxed or full width layout option and a responsive design which works for both iOS and Android. HIGHLIGHTS Open NZB site High-quality content Multiple membership levels (Free & Paid Accounts) Unlimited downloads for paying members Spotweb for Elite Accounts Retention–over 3600 days of binary Continuously running indexer Advanced search option Newsgroup browsing Popular downloads for premium accounts RSS Feeds Recommended Integration: Sonarr (TV), Radarr (Movies) and Lidarr Privacy: SSL Mobile Support Updated interface FEATURES With their most recent updates, new features and fixes include: New reporting panel for easier and faster report releases Revamped movies page Improved readability Fixed movie genres bug No longer supports Windows XP Plugin, NZB Unity stopped working due to new interface. Plugin maybe updated manually if maintainer of NZBUnity has not yet pushed new version. With NZBFinder, you only get high quality video and audio files. You get access to 500,000+ NZBs with almost no fakes or garbage. They are an open site, which means there is no need for invites to access their service. Their site is 100% SSL secured and is extremely fast. NZBFinder is also compatible with the following software: Sonarr, Radar, Lidar NZBHydra 2 Sickrage, SickGear, Sickbeard CouchPotato Headphones Mylar & LazyLibrarian 100% Newznab Compatible NZBFinder also has an IRC channel (#NZBFinder) on SynIRC if there are any questions you need to ask or concerns you need to raise. NZB’s And Retention NZBFinder has a retention of over 3600 days of binary. Account Features NZBFinder has several membership levels. You can search the site for free once registered, but you will have certain limitations. APIs differ depending on your membership level. You may pay for their service via credit cards, Bitcoin or prepaid gift cards. Interface NZBFinder is a newznab-based site that has a simple interface that can be easily navigated and explored even by the most beginner of users. They provide enough information on software configuration and have a Newznab compatible API that works well with a lot of apps. You can explore the site through several approaches like the usual search box, or use their advanced search and popular download link. Technical Details NZBFinder runs on a cluster of servers in the cloud, assuring that their website is fast. Their average response time is 1280 milliseconds and has an uptime of 99%. For software configuration, they provide this information on their site once you’ve registered to their service. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN HOMEPAGE BROWSE UPTIME   CONCLUSION With its multiple membership levels, NZBFinder is a good option for different types of NZB users. The most novice users can easily navigate the site. NZBFinder also has a fairly extensive library and an impressive computing power. All in all, NZBFinder is a great NZB site in terms of ease of use and pricing flexibility. You get a decent amount of free NZB downloads and API hits as a free member, and with their other three premium accounts, you get a lot more APIs and unlimited downloads, which would be perfect for heavy users. Plus, you get access to Spotweb if you avail of their highest membership level. While NZBFinder is limited in terms of type of files which excludes games and consoles, this NZB site is still and great indexer that has high-quality audio and video content as well as book and miscellaneous files. Overall, NZBFinder is a great site for its content, convenience and flexible pricing.
    • DESCRIPTION Miatrix is currently an open NZB site that has integration with popular downloaders and has a broad selection of newsgroups that you can get files from. Online since 2013, Miatrix aims to continuously grow their community at a limited pace. This allows them to keep the quality of posts and content on their site and keep spammers and potential hackers out. Having said this, registration with Miatrix is currently open but only for a limited time and they’ve announced that they will eventually function as an invite-only site. Miatrix was established in 2013. They want their community to grow, but the membership remains limited. This makes them manage and secure the site to potential hackers and spams. With the integration of established downloaders, this website is worth a try. MIATRIX HIGHLIGHTS Growing NZB site Limited Trial Membership Multiple Paid Membership levels 5 million releases Over 150 groups crawled Retention: 2000 Days Integrations with SABnzbd, Sickbeard, CouchPotato 2.0, Headphones, etc. IRC Chat on SynIRC: #miatrix Privacy: HTTPS enforced & No IP logging No advertisement TV Calendar & Top Downloads Forums available FEATURES Miatrix is a free-to-register site. It has different forums to communicate, support downloads, and sharing of files. It is SSL encrypted, and they do not log your IP address when browsing. Retention ranges from 365 days to unlimited, with over five million uploads to choose from. In addition, Miatrix has a total of 157 Usenet groups. Miatrix has a calendar, guidelines for new users, onsite chat, and you can see the status of your account in the uppermost corner of the page. Miatrix accepts payment via Paypal. If you have other concerns, you can reach them through their support form or email them at support[email protected] NZB’s And Retention Retention varies from the account type you choose. Retention for members to lifetime ranges from 365 days to unlimited. Interface Newznab is known for its simple and clear interface. With its no advertisement feature, Newznab makes Miatrix effective for searching NZB files. Fonts and style complement each other while the menus and download options are easy to navigate on the left side of the page. Technical Details Miatrix has an API. The average uptime result for this website is 99% with a total response average of 372 milliseconds. Hardware details are not disclosed, but headphones, couchpotato, and sickbeards are some of the downloaders integrated into this website. The site is SSL encrypted and all information within the database is indexed by an automated process with no human intervention. SCREENSHOTS HOMEPAGE FORUM UPTIME   CONCLUSION Miatrix is a young and limited membership Usenet index site. Anyone familiar with how the newznab work will be familiar with its no-frills interface. The price for the average membership is somehow pricey compare to other providers but with is 5 million releases and growing, Miatrix is definitely worth checking.
    • DESCRIPTION DogNZB has been in existence since 2013; it has been the best NZB site for quite a long while now. They have an exceptional reputation so now they have done invite only. On the off chance that you can get an invite you now will need to pay in any event $20 for the year or $50 for 3 years. DogNZB is well known in for good reasons as they have a pleasant custom easy to utilize interface with lots of content. DogNZB has an interface that will be easy to navigate for individuals who know Newznab. The site additionally has a dynamic forum. Video, sound and other content are classified by resolution, with an exceptional section for foreign videos. DogNZB offers exactly what the name says, NZBs only, and doesn’t really have any content on the site. You’ll need to have a USENET provider subscription to download any content utilizing the NZB files from DogNZB. We recommend UsenetServer for your Newsgroups Usenet Provider. DogNZB as of now has more than 2,500 days of retention. The search feature is easy to utilize and allows for special search characters with the goal that you can discover exactly what you’re searching for by filtering. If you do discover something that you like, you can bookmark it right on the site. In case you’re a member of the site, you can access the API. This enables you to utilize DogNZB with programs like NZBDrone, Sickbeard, and CouchPotato. The site additionally works with SABnzbd push. This requires a touch of router configuration, yet clients of SABnzbd may find that it makes it significantly more helpful for them to get the content that they want. Users on the site report couple of issues. The watchlist feature has gotten praise from a few users and appears to discover and download content rapidly. In case you’re interested in just glancing around, the browse features are very easy to utilize and should give a lot of content to become mixed up if you can’t figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Users usually get one invite a half year after they’ve signed up for the site. At present, however, invitations are solidified as DogNZB no longer accepts PayPal. The invitations ought to go back online when the main payment method is set up on the website, yet users can utilize Bitcoin to get setup at present. The instructions are simple straightforward and using Bitcoin is really less demanding than it’s at any point been.   DOGNZB HIGHLIGHTS Invite Only. Popular with Good content and great UI. Free Account – 50 Downloads/50 API calls. VIP Account – $20 Year for Unlimited NZB downloads. Retention – more than 2500 days of binary. Over 400 groups crawled. Indexer runs every 15 minutes. Minimal Ads. Active Forum. 1 Invite per every 6 months of membership. IRC Channel. API Integrations with SabNZBD, NZBGet, and so on. Payment Options: Credit Card and Bitcoin. Watchlist Functionality. IMDb/Trakt Watchlist Sync for VIPs. Remote Push or Remote Queue Functionality for VIPs. Custom Search RSS for VIPs. Desktop or Mobile Push Notifications for VIPs. Bookmarks Will Be Purged after 30 days unless VIP. FEATURES   NZB’s And Retention Retention can be described as the number of day’s newsgroup articles providers keeps up uploaded content on their servers before it gets expired. Remember that news servers are continually refreshed, and that can add up a couple of Terabytes every day. It is absurd to have adequate space to store all that. After some time, they expire to build space. If you need a Usenet Service Provider? We recommend DogNzb in light of the fact that they have all that anyone could need Terabytes of limit concerning articles and expanding. They offer 2,500 days of binary retention, and they are consistently growing. Free Account Features As a free member, you are restricted to 50 downloads and 50 API calls each day. Likewise, NZB grabs are restricted. Fortunately, you get limitless access to the community forum. However, free enrollment is supported by free ads. Paid Account Features As A VIP account holder, you are qualified for a couple of features. For instance, you pay $20 every Year for Unlimited NZB downloads. Frankly, you can even download in bulk. Besides, there is a bookmark choice. This makes it possible for you to keep up a list of your decision. There are no disturbing ads. Likewise, you have unlimited access to VIP forum and VIP NZBs. API Integrations The API key is made after the clients fill out RSS form that appears on the account detail page. At the forum, you can make sense of how you can get your API to work with Sonarr. A part of the API combinations you can get included NZBGet, Sonarr, SabNZBD, Couchpotato, and more. Free account holders get a most outrageous of 50 API calls a day. Of course, VIP account holders get unlimited API calls each day. Security As indicated above, DogNZB uses SSL security. This is a way they are committed to ensuring your security and privacy. Note that they don’t record your IP addresses and your IP address can’t be available for public viewing. Furthermore, they needn’t bother with a valid email address when you join. In any case, the information posted on the forum is clients post public as a considerable amount of it. Everything considered they are not responsible for what you readily uncover to people in general. In this way, you are at your risk. Much the same as other NZB indexers, they can’t guarantee the misfortune, unapproved access, unapproved access that will never happen. SCREENSHOTS LOGIN BROWSE SEARCH FORUM CONCLUSION DogNZB certainly has a considerable measure letting it all out. The Bitcoin sign up option is an awesome feature for those who want to stay as unknown as could reasonably be expected, obviously. With another main payment provider, the site ought to be opening up for registrations yet again. If you have a companion on the site, they won’t have the ability to welcome you at this moment, but rather it’s very worth requesting an invite when DogNZB makes them accessible once more. Content increases quickly and is easy to access, and the site integrates well with PVR and other USENET programming.
    • drunkenslug | General | 2022 Review Name    drunkenslug Tracker URL  https://drunkenslug.com/login Tracker Genre    General Bonus System    No Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only DESCRIPTION DrunkenSlug has flexible membership options for its sizable community. They have a wide selection of quality NZBs and a dedicated backup server and hardware for their platform. This NZB site allows you to customize your download experience with their My shows and My Movies folders, and other features that contribute to the best usenet experience you can possibly have. LOGIN HOME BROWSE RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 8.5/10 Pre-time: 8.5/10 Content: 9.5/10 Community: 9.5/10 Overall: 9.5/10      
    • krazyzone | General | 2022 Review Name   krazyzone  Tracker URL  https://krazyzone.net Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries    None DESCRIPTION KrazyZone is a  Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL There are many categories and a lot of content besides movies and TV shows, like games, apps, music, e-books, etc - every category has detailed information about the amount of torrents, but you will find most of the torrents in the Movie and TV show sections, there are some anime, also many huge movie packs, some of them are recommended on top of the torrent page. LOGIN HOME BROWSE FORUM RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 7/10 Pre-time: 7/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7/10      
    • Releasezone | General | 2022 Review Name    Releasezone Tracker URL   http://www.releasezone.org/login.php Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries    None DESCRIPTION Releasezone is a general/0 Day private tracker. They have movies, tv series, games, music but most of their content is music. They have a good collection of music albums. They release USA charts and UK top 40 regularly. Some of their content is for vip users. Pre time for music content is good but most of them are only for vip users. Speed is good because most of torrents are in seedbox. They have bonus points and freeleech so maintaining ratio is easy. LOGIN HOME BROWSE RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 7/10 Pre-time: 6/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 5/10 Overall: 6/10  
    • The-Roadhouse | General | 2022 Review Name The-Roadhouse    Tracker URL   http://the-roadhouse.info Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries    None DESCRIPTION The-Roadhouse is a small general tracker, most torrents have 1 or 2 seeders, few torrents are uploaded every day.The tracker has closed the invite system,  LOGIN HOME BROWSE FORUM RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 4/10 Pre-time: 4/10 Content: 4/10 Community: 2/10 Overall: 3.5/10
    • Twilightzoom  | General | 2022 Review Name    Twilightzoom Tracker URL   https://twilightzoom.org Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries    None DESCRIPTION twilightzoom is a private sister site of twilights, p2pelite, ScenePalace and the horror charnel. SP regularly opens  signups otherwise invites can be obtained through one of the above sites in the forums sections.  The homepage hosts a busy shoutbox, news, lottery winner announcements, top forum posts and active users lists. Member numbers are quite small at 1,332 with the total number of torrents being at 4,196 so lots of variety to search through. Easy site to navigate and speeds are good LOGIN HOME BROWSE FORUM RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 5/10 Pre-time: 5/10 Content: 5/10 Community: 5/10 Overall: 5/10  
    • Theempire.Click | General | 2022 Review Name    Theempire.Click Tracker URL   https://theempire.click/login.php Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only DESCRIPTION TheEmpire is a small tracker specialized in entertainment shows in Comedy,Drama,Occult,Radio,Events and others. You will find lots of HDTV,PDTV and WEB contents from different countries like Canada,Australia and British UK. LOGIN HOME BROWSE RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 7/10 Pre-time: 7/10 Content: 6/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7/10
    • TheShow.Click | General | 2022 Review Name    TheShow.Click Tracker URL   https://theshow.click/login.php Tracker Genre    General Tracker Type    Ratio Based Bonus System    Yes Seed Difficulty    Easy Tracker Signup    Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries    None DESCRIPTION TheShow came about to provide a community and knowledgebase for all materials related to filmmaking, screenwriting, and photography. TheShow belongs to the .click family (TheVault,ThePlace,TheEmpire,TheOccult,TheGeeks) It has great amount of content related to Film Editing,Visual FX,Theatre,Visual Craft,Production,etc... Access to exclusives is conditional upon user class You have to keep ratio 1.0 The minimum ratio required is determined by how much you've downloaded Leeching torrents are different, based on your class LOGIN HOME BROWSE FORUM RULES MY RATINGS Speed: 8/10 Pre-time: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7.5/10  
    • apply for http://ptfiles.net/ or https://scenepalace.info/index.php .thanks so much.
    • After the Cape Town Test ended on Friday (January 14) evening, Virat Kohli was seen speaking one-on-one with Rahul Dravid for a long time at the Newlands Stadium. The communication wasn't in the dressing room, possibly because there would be other members of the squad, but in the dining room of the stadium. After about an hour long tete-a-tete, the team left for the hotel. A couple of hours later, the squad members gathered in the team room there, where Kohli announced his decision to give up the Test captaincy. Those in the know, and who have spoken to Kohli about his decision, have told Cricbuzz that he planned to relinquish the captaincy even if India, favourites to beat South Africa, had won the series. By the time Kohli announced his voluntary resignation to his teammates, it was late in the night in India but Cricbuzz learns that the India captain made a call to BCCI secretary Jay Shah to inform about his decision. This time around, there was no conference call, like the one on September 2020 when Kohli had announced his decision to give up the T20I captaincy. The call to Shah about giving up the Test captaincy was instead direct, and no one else was part of that conversation. Cricbuzz also understands that efforts were made at different levels to convince Kohli not to give up the captaincy, and it could be the reason why the decision was made public about 20 hours after the end of the Test. There is no guarantee that more efforts will not be made, so that's about it for Kohli and the Test captaincy for the time being. When the baton was transferred from MS Dhoni to Kohli in 2018, it was very smooth. This time, it wasn't so much. When the baton was transferred from MS Dhoni to Kohli in 2018, it was very smooth. This time, it wasn't so much. ©Getty The obvious bit about Kohli's decision is that he wants to focus on his batting, and time away from the leadership will allow him time to work on his game. But that said, his decision to resign can't be mutually exclusive with how the ODI captaincy changeover was handled. On the previous occasion, when the baton was taken away from MS Dhoni and handed to Kohli in 2018, the transfer of leadership was very smooth. This time, it wasn't so much. The changeover from Kohli to Rohit appeared forced, rather than smooth and peaceful. So, what next? There won't be an announcement by the BCCI in the next 24 hours on who will be Kohli's successor. The decision instead will be made before the Sri Lanka series in February. Rohit Sharma is sure to be on selectors' radar but the problem facing them is the batsman's frequent breakdowns. When the BCCI authorities were asked about it, the answer was, "there is sufficient time." The time for Kohli's captaincy, though, is now over.
    • Pakistan Cricket Board has asked Fakhar Zaman, Shadab Khan and Haris Rauf to return from the BBL in order to prepare for the PSL which commences on January 27. In a statement, the Brisbane Heat franchise said they are 'disappointed' that the opener, Zaman won't play in the remaining matches. He was signed by the franchise on December 31 last year, but he played just one game due to Covid-19-related travel restrictions. Meanwhile, Rauf confirmed via his Twitter handle that he was leaving Melbourne Stars with two matches remaining. On the other hand, Adelaide Strikers lost out on the services of Rashid Khan for the rest of the tournament due to the spinner having international commitments. "Unfortunately the Pakistan Cricket Board confirmed it had rescinded its permission for Fakhar to play our remaining games, along with all Pakistan players currently involved in the BBL, and summoned him to return immediately to prepare for the Pakistan Super League," Heat said in a statement on Sunday (January 16). "We are disappointed that he won't be able to play for us and he is disappointed he won't have the opportunity to get some more games in for us. He asked us to thank the fans for their support and wish the team all the best for the remaining three games," the statement added. Heat, though, received a boost as Michael Neser and Mitchell Swepson are returning to the fold for their game versus Stars. Mitchell Marsh and Josh Inglis were also released from the Australian Test set-up and will play for Perth Scorchers.
    • Mark Wood may have expected to put his feet up, at least for an evening, after the rigours of the opening session. Yet late on the third evening at Hobart, on a day he'd taken a career-best 6 for 39, he was out facing Pat Cummins. If he was indeed frustrated, it showed. He hit the ball as hard as he could for two boundaries before dragging the third one on to his stumps, walking off to some sympathetic applause among the more delirious one. England have a proclivity for batting collapses but even by their standards, losing all 10 wickets over a 56-run stretch was frightening. Chasing 271, England got their first half-century opening stand of the series. Zak Crawley and Rory Burns put on 68 but two hours after murmurs of a fourth-innings chase began to take shape, they were out shaking hands with the opposition as England folded for 124, conceding the Ashes series 0-4. Three Australian bowlers - Cameron Green, Scott Boland and Cummins - took three wickets apiece but England, though, were their own worst enemy, with several batsmen guilty of not applying themselves. England's hopes were dented at the stroke of Tea when Rory Burns played on to a Green delivery. Until then, he and Crawley had survived the vagaries of the pitch and unfurled pleasing drives either side of the wicket. It was Green who opened the floodgates on the other side of the interval. Dawid Malan wore a bouncer on his head and then chopped a delivery onto his stumps. Crawley, who had moved on to 36 serenely, went searching for a booming drive to a full Green ball that swung away late and nicked off to the keeper. His job done, Green handed over the reins to his more senior bowling partners. Mitchell Starc had Ben Stokes pulling a short ball straight to deep square leg while Joe Root was the victim of a Boland ball that kept low and disturbed his woodwork. Boland added the wickets of Chris Woakes and Sam Billings before the captain returned to claim three of the final four wickets to finish with a series tally of 21. Before all the ignominy, Wood had provided genuine grounds for England optimism when he hurled short balls at rapid speed to knock Australia out for 155 in their second innings. His list of victims in the afternoon included Steve Smith who couldn't control a pull shot and holed out at fine leg. Wood's six-over burst (3 for 12) in the first session had Australia reduced to 63/6 with a sub-200 target on the cards. Alex Carey, though, scored a valuable 49 after being dismissed off a no-ball to push the total to 270. It was a target too far for this England batting line-up, who couldn't cash the cheque that Wood had written. Brief scores: Australia 303 & 155 (Alex Carey 49; Mark Wood 6-37) beat England 188 & 124 (Zak Crawley 36; Scott Boland 3-18, Pat Cummins 3-42, Cameron Green 3-21) by 146 runs.
    • Joe Root insists he wants to remain England's captain despite presiding over a humiliating four-nil defeat in the Ashes. England lost 10 for 56 on the third evening in Hobart to end a calamitous tour on a calamitous note. A fighting draw in Sydney at least saved the tourists from the ignominy of a whitewash but there can be no sugar-coating the flaws in this current squad and English cricket more generally that have been so badly exposed by the Australians. English Test cricket has reached a nadir in this series. Root believes he is the man to lead the renaissance. Whether he is offered that chance remains to be seen. He conceded that it is not his decision whether he stays as captain but reiterated his comments from earlier in the series that he still has the drive and motivation to carry on. "I believe that I am the right man to take this team forward. If that decision is taken out of my hands, so be it," Root said. "I have an appetite to carry on and turn things around. "At the minute we are going through a real tough stage as a group of players and the performances haven't been good enough, but I'd love the opportunity to try to turn things around and for us to start putting in performances from an English Test team." While there are many reasons for England's decline as a Test force over the past year - and one win in their last 13 Tests proves it is a decline - not all of them can be laid at Root's door. It is not his fault that the County Championship and the ECB's much-vaunted development system is not producing young cricketers with the technique or temperament to succeed at Test level. It is not Root's fault that Ashley Giles and Chris Silverwood decided to prioritise white-ball cricket at the start of last year with their rest and rotation policy. It is not his fault that the rest of England's batting line-up has as much backbone as a jellyfish. But Root must accept some accountability for this defeat as well. England made a number of tactical and strategic errors in this series. Batting first at the Gabba was a gaffe. Selection, of which Root plays a key part, was muddled to such an extent that Mark Wood and Stuart Broad, England's best bowlers in the final two Tests, did most of their bowling after the Ashes had already been lost. Some of the tactics on show when England were in the field were strange at best and unfathomable at worst. England were too often flat at key moments, raising questions of the motivational qualities of Root and Silverwood. None of that is to say Root is a hapless captain. He does have qualities as a leader that perhaps get lost in the results business of Test cricket. His man-management skills are well regarded by many of those he works with and that has been a particular strength during the pandemic. Last year he led from the front with the bat, holding his team together on so many occasions. There are also signs that he is getting tougher and more demanding, publicly calling out the need for more focus on Test cricket from the ECB. Even so, that Root remains a work in progress as a captain after so long in charge is clearly an issue. In Root's favour is the lack of alternative options to lead this team. Ben Stokes is the only other viable candidate and there is some uncertainty over whether he would want the job or whether England should add to his already full plate as an all-rounder and all-format player, particularly given Stokes' mental health issues last summer. Other than him, the cupboard is bare, in large part because there are so few players guaranteed their place in England's team. Root is one of the few who is and he wants to carry on with the job. That may not be the best reason to continue with someone as captain but given the reality of the situation, it will probably be enough to see Root keep his job. In five weeks' time, England go to the West Indies for a three-match series which Root hopes to be leading. In the meantime, he wants to have his say on the areas of improvement he thinks are necessary during the review being conducted by the ECB into the state of the Test team. "There are certain things that definitely need to change," said Root. "We've got an opportunity to really prioritise Test cricket. Off the back of this, make a real significant change to the game, prioritise this team, and let's hope that happens in due course. "I think there's a lot of things to consider, going from some long-term things to some short-term things. I'm sure I will get an opportunity to express my views on things and how I think we can make significant changes to the red-ball game in our country. Let's see how things progress in the coming weeks."
    • Australian Test captain Pat Cummins heaped praise on allrounder Cameron Green and Travis Head after his team thrashed England by 146 runs in the fifth Test in Hobart to complete a 4-0 rout in the Ashes. Green turned the game on its head on Day 3 with his fiery six-over spell on either side of the Tea break that triggered a dramatic English collapse of 10 for 56. Set a target of 271, England looked well on their way courtesy openers Rory Burns and Zak Crawley's 68-run stand but Green broke the partnership at the stroke of Tea by dismissing the former. He returned soon after the break and sent Dawid Malan and Crawley packing in his succeeding overs to induce a free fall. That after already having chipped in a vital first innings 74 in a 121-run partnership with Travis Head, who notched up two centuries in four games. Cummins was effusive in his praise of the duo. "Last summer I thought he showed signs of his potential and this summer he was really confident. I think he grew as a batter and bowler throughout it. And he's just as good as any all-rounder in the world at the moment," Cummins said of Green. "For someone so young, as a captain, I feel really lucky, not only to draw on him as a bowler but when he's next in to bat I just feel so calm. "As a bowler, he's a genuine fourth quick. I feel like I turn to him sometimes before I turn to myself or someone else. he's just got that bounce, he's got the control, incredible skills. And he's been bowling so well, we've only had to bowl him 10 or 15 overs a day or an innings. Again, you forget how young he is, seeing the guy as well he's absolutely the complete package. He's young so we have to keep looking after him but a bright future ahead." On a comeback trail, Head finished the Ashes as the leading run-getter on either side with two centuries in four games and 357 runs overall at an average of 59.5 to bag the Player of the Series award. "Someone like Trav Head he's still seen as one of one the younger payers but he's got hell of lot of experience in domestic cricket. He's played a lot. And he goes about it a little bit differently to most other batters which is his biggest strength. As a captain, I don't care if he gets out in non traditional ways. I just want him to go out, be free and play his game. I think being dropped last year and coming in this year he came with a real calmness about him, real confidence and you saw that straight away at the Gabba, he just played his game and he's just really grown," Cummins said of the centurion. The Australian captain himself had a dream run in his very first, high-profile assignment in-charge of the Test side. Despite missing a game after being deemed a close contact of a COVID-positive case, Cummins finished as the leading wicket-taker of the series with 21 scalps at an average a shade over 18, a fifer on captaincy debut and a seven-wicket match haul to seal it in Hobart - quashing all doubts about how the additional responsibility will affect his bowling. "That was probably my biggest worry in accepting the role as captain," Cummins said. "I'm in the team as a bowler, I want to make sure that's protected and I'm able to perform as well as I like. I think with each game I felt better with managing that, I could really switch off, take off the captain's hat for my overs. "Even the little things with bowling changes, I feel like I got better at managing that. It might be difficult in the heat or longer innings but I feel like it's something I'll only get better at." Cummins however noted that his next challenge as a captain is to ensure Australia replicate the same success overseas. "To be the best side in the world you have to win at home but almost and more importantly you need to be successful overseas," the 28-year-old said when asked where he wants to take this side. "We haven't played a whole lot overseas in the last couple of years. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India next year, England, it's all really foreign conditions to Australia. That will be our challenge. I feel we are really well suited with a squad of 15 plus extras who aren't here who can offer a lot in those conditions. This is hopefully the beginning. I feel we're all in a really good place. There are no imminent retirees, so hopefully, we're building something big the next few years. "I thought the way we played on day one, we were 3-12. These are quite foreign conditions to what we normally expect in Australia - green seaming wicket. I thought the way Marnus, Trav Head, CG took on the game was a really good template for any conditions that are really foreign that we might expect. "We can be the type of team that are brave enough to take that positivity overseas if we need to. I think that puts us in a great place. Again, we had a squad of 15 players used through this series. Everyone brings slightly different skills and goes about it slightly differently. I'm really excited about the upcoming Pakistan tour. We have played really well here in Australia now it's up to us to take that overseas," he said.
    • Melbourne Stars made light work of the 150-run chase against Brisbane Heat, overhauling the target with 37 balls to spare, keeping themselves in the hunt for a top-four finish in Big Bash League 2021-22. Led by Joe Clarke's 36-ball 62, the hosts chased down the target at the Melbourne Cricket ground with 8 wickets in hand. Electing to bat, Heat got off to a steady start, courtesy Nathan McSweeny and Chris Lynn who put on a half-century stand in six overs before the latter miscued a heave off Glenn Maxwell to Nathan Coulter-Nile at extra cover. The Stars spinners were especially stingy with his spell; Maxwell and Adam Zampa combined to concede 39 runs in eight overs, picking four wickets in return. Even as Ben Duckett scored a 42-ball 51 before getting cleaned up by Zampa, there wasn't enough acceleration provided from the other end. However, Heat posted a competitive 149 - which in the end proved too little. Clarke and Maxwell, opening the innings, were on the offensive right from the start, picking 48 runs in the first four overs. The scoring rate was pulled down marginally for a brief while after the seventh over, but once the Power Surge was taken in the 10th over, the momentum slipped away yet again. Both Clarke and Maxwell were dismissed in quick succession, Marcus Stoinis cashed in on the advantage. Mitchell Swepson was smashed for 23 runs in the 13th over, and Stoinis muscled a six in the next to end Heat's qualification chances. Brief Scores: Brisbane Heat 149/6 in 20 overs (Ben Duckett 51; Glenn Maxwell 2-19, Adam Zampa 2-20) lost to Melbourne Stars 150/2 in 13.5 overs (Joe Clarke 62, Glenn Maxwell 37) by 8 wickets
    • Sean Williams registered his fifth ODI ton but the knock went in vain as Sri Lanka registered a five-wicket win in Pallekele on Sunday (January 16) to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match ODI series. Williams' 87-ball 100 and Regis Chakabva's 72 off 81 powered Zimbabwe to 296/9 after they opted to bat. Sri Lanka's collective batting effort, led by Pathum Nissanka's 75 off 71 and a 129-run fourth-wicket stand involving Dinesh Chandimal (75 off 91) and Charith Asalanka (71 off 68) helped Sri Lanka over the line with eight deliveries to spare. Kusal Mendis and Nissanka hit the straps straightaway in the chase, with the former hitting six fours in the first seven overs. But the stand ended on 40 as Kusal Mendis was caught behind off Blessing Muzarabani while playing the cut. Nissanka and Kamindu Mendis were then involved in a useful partnership of 41 but Richard Ngarava bagged the wicket of the No. 3, whose attempt to play the dab resulted in an inside edge on to the stumps. Nissanka kept Sri Lanka on track, bringing up his fifty off 48 balls, and was supported well by Dinesh Chandimal as they brought up the first fifty-plus stand of the innings. Zimbabwe also lost a review in the 21st over when Chandimal was rapped on the pads by an arm ball from Williams, with replays justifying the onfield decision of not out as the ball was missing leg stump. But a short while later Zimbabwe had success with the review and picked up the wicket of Nissanka, who went for a cut off Sikandar Raza but ended up edging it to Chakabva behind the stumps. Sri Lanka still kept abreast with the required rate thanks to Chandimal and Asalanka, who played out a few quiet overs before picking up pace. Muzarabani and Wesley Madhevere erred on the shorter side and ended up leaking boundaries while Asalanka also used the DRS to reverse an LBW decision off Ngarava's bowling. Sri Lanka went without a boundary for close to six overs with the asking rate crossing 6.5 by the time the 40th over was completed. During this time, Chandimal got to his 24th ODI fifty and ended the boundary drought with a slap over point off Tendai Chatara to bring the equation to 66 off the last 10 overs. He also came down the track to Williams to hit his first six while Asalanka struck a four off Muzarabani in the 43rd over off a top edge en route to a 57-ball 50. Ngarava bowled a barrage of short deliveries and eventually got Chandimal to pull one straight to midwicket. Asalanka took Sri Lanka closer before becoming the fifth to depart as Ngarava bagged his third. But the wicket did little to change the direction of the chase as Dasun Shanaka and Chamika Karunaratne saw the hosts through in the penultimate over. Earlier, Chakabva was put down by Asalanka at first slip off Nuwan Pradeep when he had scored only 2 and he made Sri Lanka pay for the miss as he put on an 80-run opening stand with Takudzwanashe Kaitano. Playing his first ODI, the 28-year-old Kaitano was the aggressor in the partnership while Chakabva took his time to get going. The stand, however, came to an end in the 15th over as Kaitano, who was put down by Pathum Nissanka at cover, could not capitalise on the reprieve as he failed to read a googly from Jeffrey Vandersay and was trapped in front. Chakabva, meanwhile, started finding the fence regularly and got to his fourth ODI fifty, off 49 balls. Kamindu Mendis ended Craig Ervine's stay by as the Zimbabwe captain got an inside edge on to the stumps but the visitors made steady progress as Chakabva and Williams put on a half-century stand. Williams scored at a strike rate of over 100 in the third wicket association while Chakabva was brisk as well, setting the platform for the side to finish with a good total. Chakabva's innings came to an end when tried to sweep a Vandersay delivery but ended up gloving the ball to the 'keeper, with Sri Lanka having to take the DRS route for the decision to go in their favour. Williams did not allow Sri Lanka to gain momentum with the wicket as he received support from Sikandar Raza in a 46-run partnership to power Zimbabwe forward. A double-wicket over from Nuwan Pradeep and Wellington Masakadza's run out left Williams to do most of the work in the death overs, and the experienced left-hander was up to the task as he targetted debutant Chamika Karunaratne who ended up conceding 16 in the 48th over. The 49th over, which was bowled by Pradeep, yielded only four runs as Williams brought up his fifth ODI ton. But he was bowled in the final over by Karunaratne, who also picked up the wicket of Blessing Muzarabani. Richard Ngarava finished off with a six and a four as Zimbabwe finished close to the 300 mark, which proved insufficient in the end. Brief scores: Zimbabwe 296/9 in 50 overs (Sean Williams 100, Regis Chakabva 72, Takudzwanashe Kaitano 42; Chamika Karunaratne 3-69) lost to Sri Lanka 299/5 in 48.4 overs (Pathum Nissanka 5, Dinesh Chandimal 75, Charith Asalanka 71; Richard Ngarava 3-56) by 5 wickets.
    • McBrine took four wickets and scored 59 in the two-wicket win. © Cricket Ireland In a nail-biting finish, Ireland produced a thrilling two-wicket win to clinch their maiden series victory over an ICC full member away from home. The visitors beat West Indies by two wickets in the final ODI to take the series 2-1 after Andy McBrine took four wickets and scored 59 to see the side home. Stuck in, West Indies were bowled out for 212 after they were 72 for no loss at one stage. Justin Greaves made 12 off 31 but Shai Hope attacked from the other end to help the hosts make a solid start. However, Craig Young and McBrine bagged two wickets each to leave West Indies in trouble at 85 for 4. Things went from bad to worse as Roston Chase's wicket in the 23rd over left them hurting at 101 for 6. Jason Holder and Romario Shepherd steadied things with a 62-run stand for the seventh wicket and brightened the prospect of West Indies posting a fighting total. Resistance from the lower order frustrated Ireland a bit as Akeal Hosein and Odean Smith too made handy contributions. Holder's run out in the 41st over also turned out to be a crucial moment in the contest but the late push got West Indies over the 200-run mark and gave the bowlers something to work with. William Porterfield fell on the first ball of the chase, but Paul Stirling and McBrine made 72 for the second wicket to give Ireland a platform to go forward. Even as Stirling fell to Hosein, there was another, ther was another half-century stand between Harry Tector and McBrine to place Ireland comfortably at 153 for 2 in the 31st over. The drama started when McBrine was lbw to Smith as the visitors went from being 152 for 2 to 197 for 6 to give West Indies a chance to make a comeback in the game. Gareth Delany made 10 but there was another wobble with Ireland just four runs away as they lost two more wickets. Mark Adair and Young took the side home to ensure Ireland were able to pick 20 crucial ODI Super League points and jump to third in the table with six wins from 18 matches. Brief scores: West Indies 212 in 44 overs (Shai Hope 53; Andy McBrine 4-28) lost to Ireland 214/8 in 44.5 overs (Andy McBrine 59; Roston Chase 3-44) by two wickets.
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