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  2. Tracker Name:Ansktracker (ANSK) Tracker Genre: Anime Tracker URL: http://www.ansktracker.net/ Tracker Birthday: 2005 Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus system: YES Maintaining Ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite only Tracker IRC: Channel: #AnimeNSK Server: irc.rizon.net Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/AnimeNSK ::: Tracker Description ::: Ansktracker is a Brazilian private tracker for anime torrents. Site is in Portuguese and there is not any section for English users. Site covers all kinds of Japanese anime. Speed is good but pretime is not good. For maintaining ratio, your overall ratio should be above 0.25. If your ratio is below 0.45 there is a delay time for downloading new torrents. They have freeleech and bonus point, so maintaining ratio is not a big deal. ::: Login ::: ::: Home ::: ::: Category ::: ::: Torrents ::: ::: Torrents Profil ::: ::: Top 10 ::: ::: Packs ::: ::: Bonus System ::: ::: Donate ::: ::: Forums ::: ::: Rules ::: ::: IRC ::: ::: Stats ::: ::: Ratings ::: Speed: 7/10 Content: 7/10 Rarity: 6/10 Overall: 7/10
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  4. Buy & Use in Members Shop some items are bugged. Waiting for developer fix.
  5. We here at Thesceneplace.com have decided to open the doors up again for a short time, and this will be the last " DOORS OPEN" For a while as we will be going in a new direction for bringing in members so enjoy and take advantage of it while you can! Our user base has grown very well over the last six months and we wanted to allow other users in to share what were now bringing to the table! - We have a handfull of DJ's spinning dope tracks 🙂 - We have our own RG thats small, but taking off... specializes in 265 with small size. Plays BEAUTIFUL on my 65in 4K tv while downloading in seconds and if you have limited space, or a slow connection, it maybe what you have been looking for! - We Sell and GIVE AWAY Donations VERY OFTEN! - We currently have a discord server ( if you do not like it, you do not need to tell me, I have heard it already haha :P) We will be setting up IRC soon, as it is time and hte user base is big enough to make use of it now! - We game, stream, hang out in chat, watch tv shows and movies together, as we have a PLEX SET UP AND IPTV for VIP donors! Anything you want, we load it on our plex server, so forget paying 20, 30, 40+ for a bunch of streaming services, and get it all in one place on our PLEX server, which works on PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Game system, Tablets, Smart TV's, and many more! - We have been making huge strides on the site, and our speeds are great, over a dozen servers house our entire content PLUS the seeds of users.. - We have added LOADS of features, Classes, Donation perks, and many other things in the last month or so, and it is STILL growing. - If you want content you cant just find on other trackers, come here and check things out. We want to bring you content that is VERY hard to find, or just not out there. We dont jsut pump out encodes of the same ole boring content that is on 20 other sites, we try to bring things you can't just find with a fast search. Look for that TSP tag, and even more that is just on the site. We bring you the most complete packs that you can't find elsewhere. - We AVG 11.7 FILLED REQUESTS a day... things that people can not find elsewhere, we RIP loads of content that is not all over the place, or that is not in theResolution/Bitrates that are to our standards. Our REPACKS/ENCODES are only found here on TSP, so adding this to your tracker list is a great choice So come check us out and get in while you can, it can't hurt to have another great source to get your content. Rare, old, cleaned up, enhanced, and everything else can be found here. We do not want to just be another tracker that bots things from the same sources, we have human uploaders that make up around 35% of our uploads. EVERY DAY HUNDREDS of new torrents are added and seeded with 1 gig lines, so our DL speeds are GREAT. You like ROMS? We have ALL ROMS from Atari up thru the PS2/XBOX/GAMECUBE era. We make TV show packs, that are not out there on other sites, so you do not need to grab a dozen torrents to watch that season, or show you are looking for. We have bots aimed at TopSites, and other higly rated trackers, and our uploading team is VERY hard working to fill thoes requests that you can not find on any of your other sites. if we do not have it, REQUEST IT FOR FREE, and our AVG fill time is just a few hours. 90% of the requests are filled within a couple hours. Our Stats At The Moment: - TheScenePlaceUsers:6093 - Torrents:39360 - Seeds:45253 - leecher(s):1438 - peers:46691 - Seeds/leecher(s):3,147% - Traffic:1.31 PB Thanks for giving us a chance to give you the content and interaction we have worked so hard to bring you . I hope you enjoy it! :):):)
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  7. Hi As you may have noticed, the page has been a bit swaying lately. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to remedy this. There will be a server move this week. The move will take place during Friday (24/9), evening. If everything goes as planned, we will be up as usual Saturday-Sunday again. Trying to keep the downtime short. We understand that it is a time when many are on the page, but had to plan it that way this time. / Staff
  8. bitGAMER Discord Chat! With having to remove our old chat bar from bG recently, we have been considering other options to help our community stay active. A new bitGAMER Discord Channel has now been set up for general discussion or support. All you need to do is follow the link below to set up your account. https://discord.gg/XHJe6y3 <-- invitation link has been fixed Hopefully we will see you there!
  9. The availability of Quiz 9 can already be found in the forum
  10. 2021.09.21-The registration entry rules of this site are changed (20210921) 1. Flow chart. On the left is the rules for registering and entering the site, and on the right is the rules for deleting accounts image . 2. Holiday events are no longer open for registration and modified to issue temporary invitations. 3. Invitations to register can exceed the upper limit of the number of people . 4. The upper limit of the number of people is determined by this site. The number of active people, the total number of seeds, and the number of seeds are determined.
  11. Tracker Name : MTeam.fr | Mephisto Tracker URL : http://mteam.fr/ Tracker Genre : PC Games Tracker Type : Ratioless Tracker Signup : Invite Only Maintaining Ratio : Easy Bonus System : Yes Banned Countries : None Tracker IRC : - ::: Tracker Description ::: mTeam.fr is a FRENCH Private Tracker since 2011.Despite the fact that the tracker is private and extremely elitist , the reputation of this team amongst the Francophone community is due to the fact that the releases produced by Mephisto are always shared on other french trackers within one hour of their release. mTeam.fr As a p2p Team their goal is to make the installation of PC Games as fast, as simple and as fully translated in french as possible. The Tracker is ratioless, do not require a minimum seedtime nor penalize Hit'n'And'Run and do not ask for Donations. All the Releases are available on the Tracker and are made by the Founder and Administrator called Mephisto. The Tracker also offer 3 Bonus Points Systems build in the sole purpose of : 1- Buy Gifts to other Users; 2- Buy Pins Images to customize your Profile; 3- Buy Trophees | Rewards through the accumulation of Share Points. ::: Login ::: ::: Home ::: ::: Torrents ::: ::: Torrents Profil ::: ::: Requests ::: ::: Fragger ::: ::: Market ::: ::: Bonus System ::: ::: Forums ::: ::: Top 10 Bonus User ::: ::: Rules ::: ::: Staff ::: ::: User Classes ::: ::: Stats ::: ::: Ratings ::: Pre-Times: - / 10 Speed: 9 / 10 Content: 9 / 10 Community: 10 / 10 Overall Score: 9 / 10
  12. @Rock- All points - 9/22/2021 - Pending - Probability of estimated time left until the exchange is completed succesfully < 10 days.
  13. Tracker: Devils-Playground Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://devils-playground.org/signup.php Closing date: Soon!
  14. Tracker Name: Share Friends Projekt | SFP Tracker Genre: General Tracker URL: https://s-f-p.dyndns.dk/ Seed Difficulty: Easy Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None ::: Tracker Description ::: Share Friends Project (SFP) is a German private tracker for general content - you may choose to view the tracker in English or German Easy to seed with 677 registered members and 1,577 torrents. If you get stuck with ratio SFP offers a karma bonus point system to buy GB upload amounts, invites and the option to award other members with points SFP does not have an IRC channel and relies on the shoutbox which is full of uploaded torrent notifications. The forums are equally as boring and quiet so big thumbs down for the community aspect of this site Most torrents come with the option of a English or German download and pre times aren't bad at all. A nice general tracker to have in your pocket ::: Login ::: ::: Home ::: ::: Category ::: ::: Torrents ::: ::: Torrents Profil ::: ::: Upload ::: ::: Requests ::: ::: Offers ::: ::: Donate ::: ::: Arcade Games ::: ::: Forums ::: ::: Rules ::: ::: FAQ ::: ::: Staff ::: ::: User Classes ::: ::: Stats ::: ::: Ratings ::: Pre Times: 6/10 Community: 4/10 Content: 6/10 Speed: 6/10 OverAll: 6/10
  15. Tracker Name: inTheShaDow (iTS) Tracker URL: http://shadowthein.net/login.php Tracker Genre: General Tracker SignUp: Invite Only Maintain Ratio: Ratio-Less Banned Countries: Several ranges in Sudan, Somalia & Egypt ::: Tracker Description ::: Say Welcome ! ! to the world's most Mystic general private tracker you'll ever see , it's inTheShaDow (iTS) & really considered da BEST name to be picked for it. Login page is hidden under a fake login form and only approved members get the right bypass codeword. Tracker born in late 2007 (11 Years OLD!) , got App. 28K uploaded torrents with about 4K registered users . But HEY! only 1.9K are Enabled users ( why to PRUNE all that guys ). The staff also bans A LOT (why ? Probably they are just idiots who are in love with a big red button called "ban this user" LOL). Considered really an elite place with it's style , you'll find a lot of unique releases (iTS-Packs) that you won't find it elsewhere. Best thing on iTS that tracker is Ratio-Less (upload traffic count!) , but they got Hit & Run rule activated & you should seedback your snatched stuffs to at least 72 hours not matter how small the file is! Bad thing on iTS that most of their torrents are poorly seeded so not to so easy to get much upload credits on by snatching torrents with Not many leechers on newly uploaded torrents as well. What makes it more better , they got Bonus points system implemented (MarketPlace) where you can buy extra GBs to your total upload traffic to be gained by seeding torrents & it's differs according to size of torrent file! Also newly registered users are allowed to upload their stuffs normally to the tracker . So if you got uploading skills , you can get a good amount of upload traffic there easily this way. Their userclass promotions works like other trackers normally ( xX your total traffic , amount of upload , time on tracker , etc.. ) , but one morething which makes their forum active is that promotions are done base on an index which takes into account your total activity around (e.g Forums , Meaningful comments , etc..) . Got 2 groups : Member classes & Forum member classes. Invitations are not granted by promotions or donating to site , only users with "Established member" class or higher can fill in membership applications for their friends by a (Recommend a friend) tab & these applications are routinely checked manually by staffs. As per In-activity rules : - Account with nothing uploaded/downloaded is disabled after 4 weeks. - Account with no activity (login) for 60 days will be disabled by system , Park your account ! iTS-IRC channel : - Server: irc.shadowthein.net - (SSL): +6697 - Channel: #intheshadow - Password: lightintheshade iTS just ban several ranges in Sudan, Somalia and Egypt due to excessive trading on these ranges. One last point in their Rules that " Do Not publish a review of the site without staff approval " , Sorry guys! i just did this review for nothing bad , just i love iTS ! iTS is a great tracker , just lack of users makes it extremely hard to join & not easy to find all your needed stuffs.. Open it up a bit guys of iTS , makes it more active & many good users can get through & benefit the community with uploads/donations/etc...ALL that closage makes it like entering a DARK cave lol ! ::: Login ::: ::: Home ::: ::: Category ::: ::: Torrents ::: ::: Torrents Profil ::: ::: Upload ::: ::: Requests ::: ::: Logs ::: ::: Bonus System ::: ::: Donate ::: ::: Forums ::: ::: Rules ::: ::: FAQ ::: ::: Staff ::: ::: User Classes ::: ::: IRC ::: ::: Stats ::: ::: Ratings ::: Pre-Time: -/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 7/10 Community: 8/10 Rarity: 10/10 OverAll: 8/10
  16. Une News pour une bonne, et une mauvaise nouvelle. La mauvaise nouvelle: le serveur principal des bots d'upload a crashé, et malgré nos efforts seule une toute petite partie des releases a pu être récupérée, au final environ 7000 torrents ont été perdus, dont environ 5000 qui n'ont plus aucun seeder. Comme vous vous en doutez, c'était pas prévu et ça nous a mis un coup au moral. Mais... (C'est là que vous devez lire la bonne nouvelle aussi...) La bonne nouvelle: la team Rétention travaillait sur un système de reseed avec un archivage de ce qu'elle upload (sur des supports ne permettant pas le seed). Le système a été mis en ligne, et fonctionne relativement bien. Plus de 90% des uploads par la team Rétention dans les catégories Films et packs série sont disponibles au reseed. Une très grande partie des épisodes (séries ou anime) et des jeux l'est également. Les eBooks le seront d'ici quelques semaines. Enfin de très nombreux torrents d'autres uploaders ont également été archivés. Surtout, la quasi-totalité des 25To perdus dans le crash l'est aussi. Comment faire ? (j'entends vos panses mélangeant anxiété et excitation). Tout simplement demander. Sur l'IRC, un chan dédié à été créé, et tous les utilisateurs peuvent demander un reseed sur le chan #reseed avec la commande !reseed https://abnlol/Torrent/Details?ReleaseId=XXXXXX Le bot se chargera du reste et vous tiendra informé. Si vous n'avez pas accès à l'IRC faite une demande sur le topic https://abnlol/Forum/Topic/2338 "Centralisation de vos demandes de reseed" sous la même forme !reseed https://abnlol/Torrent/Details?ReleaseId=XXXXXX et un membre de l'équipe se chargera d'envoyer la commande sur iRC dès que possible (membre de l'équipe ou tout membre d'ABN présent sur le chan #reseed) Quelques limitations au système tout de même : Le coût est assumé par une poignée de membres. Gardez vos torrents en seed au maximum, le serveur ne pourra pas tenir la charge de remettre en seed tous les torrents de plus de 15 jours réclamés si plus personne ne seed. Ça nous obligerait à limiter l'accès au service (et l'élitisme ou le sectarisme ne sont pas dans l'ADN d'ABN) Le système ne peut pas lancer plusieurs reseed en même temps (il ne parallélise pas les tâches, elles seront traitées les unes après les autres). Sa vitesse oscille entre 1 et 2Go/min. Si beaucoup de demandes sont en cours (ou que vous voulez un torrent de 90Go) il est possible d'avoir à attendre un peu. Ce système n'étant pas développé par le tracker lui même mais par des passionnés du partage, beaucoup de torrents ne sont malheureusement pas disponibles. De même il faut passer par l'IRC, nous cherchons à insérer un bouton aux pages des torrents pour tout automatiser. Alors, s'il n'y a qu'une chose à retenir: Si un torrent n'est pas seedé, demandez son reseed sur IRC, un système automatisé le cherchera dans une archive comportant une grosse partie des uploads depuis 2 ans. Vous serez alors informé de la disponibilité (accessible dans l'archive, puis remis en seed), ou son indisponibilité (non accessible dans l'archive, erreur de remise en seed) Voici quelques screen montrant le système à l’œuvre : --- News for good, and bad news. The bad news: the main upload bot server crashed, and despite our efforts only a very small part of the releases could be recovered, in the end around 7000 torrents were lost, of which around 5000 no longer have any seeder. . As you can imagine, it was not planned and it put our morale up. But ... (This is where you need to read the good news too ...) The good news: the Retention team was working on a reseed system with archiving of what it uploads (on media that does not allow seed). The system has been brought online, and is working relatively well. More than 90% of uploads by the Retention team in the Films and serial packs categories are available at reseed. A very large part of episodes (series or anime) and games is also. The eBooks will be in a few weeks. Finally, many torrents from other uploaders have also been archived. Above all, almost all of the 25TB lost in the crash is too. How to do ? (I hear your thoughts mixing anxiety and excitement). Simply ask. On the IRC, a dedicated chan has been created, and all users can request a reseed on the #reseed chan with the command! Reseed https://abnlol/Torrent/Details?ReleaseId=XXXXXX The bot will take care of the stay and keep you informed. If you do not have access to the IRC make a request on the topic https://abn.lol/Forum/Topic/2338 "Centralization of your reseed requests" in the same form! Reseed https: // abnlol / Torrent / Details? ReleaseId = XXXXXX and a team member will send the order to iRC as soon as possible (team member or any ABN member present on the #reseed channel) Some limitations to the system anyway: The cost is borne by a handful of members. Keep your torrents in seed to the maximum, the server will not be able to take the load of reseeding all the torrents of more than 15 days claimed if no one is seeded any more. It would force us to limit access to the service (and elitism or bigotry are not in ABN's DNA) The system cannot launch several reseeds at the same time (it does not parallelize the tasks, they will be processed one after the other). Its speed oscillates between 1 and 2Go / min. If a lot of requests are in progress (or you want a 90GB torrent) you may have to wait a bit. This system is not developed by the tracker itself but by sharing enthusiasts, many torrents are unfortunately not available. Similarly, we have to go through the IRC, we are trying to insert a button on the pages of torrents to automate everything. So, if there is only one thing to remember: If a torrent is not seeded, request its reseed on IRC, an automated system will look for it in an archive containing a large part of the uploads for 2 years. You will then be informed of the availability (accessible in the archive, then reseeded), or its unavailability (not accessible in the archive, reseeding error) Here are some screens showing the system at work: https://i.imgur.com/OqSjoS8.png
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