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  • Check out the official selling thread - Please use only Points for payments - Contact Rendition to buy Points - I am working on automatic Points Purchase and automatic Points exchange to crypto so you can sell them aswell, until then sell/buy them by contacting me.
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    1. I am selling private torrent trackers, I have invites, accounts, and buffered accounts. VIP/TRUSTED discounts are written in the next post. To become Trusted you must buy for at least 100$, or become Trusted from Members shop, to become VIP you must buy at least once to become VIP permanently, or become VIP from the Members shop. If you need any tracker that is not in the list below, just post in this thread, don't ask me about it in PM or Chatbox, give me full link to tracker : If you want NZB Indexers see this thread. Accepted payment methods : Paypal, Bitcoin, Et
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