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  1. All TV packs are automatically granted 'Refundable' status. This is not a timed promo. Simply download a TV pack and seed it to have all counted download refunded over a 30 day period. Read more at Refunds.
  2. flow chart On the left is the registration entry rules, and on the right is the account deletion rules  2. Holiday events are no longer open for registration, and modified to issue temporary invitations 3. Invitation to register can exceed the maximum number of people 4. The upper limit of the number of people is determined by the number of active people on this site, the total number of seeds, and the number of seeds made
  3. Good dear Users, Scene-Rush Administration, informs that from this moment on the points are counted as follows: 0.25 POINTS PER HOUR FOR EACH TORRENT BOTH SEEDING AND DOWNLOADING We do this in order to facilitate our Users , because without you this project would not be possible! Good Shares...
  4. Hi As you may have noticed, the page has been a bit swaying lately. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to remedy this. There will be a server move this week. The move will take place during Friday (24/9), evening. If everything goes as planned, we will be up as usual Saturday-Sunday again. Trying to keep the downtime short. We understand that it is a time when many are on the page, but had to plan it that way this time. / Staff
  5. bitGAMER Discord Chat! With having to remove our old chat bar from bG recently, we have been considering other options to help our community stay active. A new bitGAMER Discord Channel has now been set up for general discussion or support. All you need to do is follow the link below to set up your account. https://discord.gg/XHJe6y3 <-- invitation link has been fixed Hopefully we will see you there!
  6. The availability of Quiz 9 can already be found in the forum
  7. 2021.09.21-The registration entry rules of this site are changed (20210921) 1. Flow chart. On the left is the rules for registering and entering the site, and on the right is the rules for deleting accounts image . 2. Holiday events are no longer open for registration and modified to issue temporary invitations. 3. Invitations to register can exceed the upper limit of the number of people . 4. The upper limit of the number of people is determined by this site. The number of active people, the total number of seeds, and the number of seeds are determined.
  8. Tracker: Devils-Playground Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://devils-playground.org/signup.php Closing date: Soon!
  9. Every user on hd-space gets 3 free invites!!! so you can go for give aways or invite your friends idk what you want to do but you have for 3 days 3 free invites!
  10. # IYUU Mid-Autumn Festival Event Preview As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the IYUU management team decided to hold the first essay solicitation event to bring joy to everyone by promoting the festival culture in such a way. ## Activity time: September 16th-September 20th 0:00 submission period, September 20th 19:00 review period, September 20th 20:00开奖 ## Activity purpose: active holiday atmosphere, giving love to research Experts in technology provide more opportunities for pit stops. ## Activity rules: 1. Write an IYUUPlus hands-on tutorial; 2. The tutorial must be well-organized, well-organized, easy to understand when reading, and operable; 3. The content of the tutorial can be installation tutorials and usage of different systems Tutorials, etc.; 4. Blogs ( https://www.iyuu.cn/ ), warehouses ( https://github.com/ledccn/IYUUPlus ) without tutorials or better will be a bonus. 5. Suggested tutorial format: Markdown, pdf, doc, html and other formats. 6. Write a prize wish list at the same time, fill in in order: first wish, second wish, third wish, etc. ## Activity prizes: invitation: 10 islands, 10 empty, 10 U2, 10 friends, My Fort 20, a large number of steamed buns and other stations; privileged status: Dolby Moon VIP, Platinum Jiayue VIP, etc. ##活动 计划### Phase 1: Contribution period Contestants participating in the event must pack the [Tutorial] and [Prize Wish List] into ZIP format within the specified time (September 16-September 20 0:00) and send it to QQ: 367013672 ### Second Stage: Review period: The jury will score the tutorial; the lowest score is 0 points, the highest score is 100 points; ### The third stage: prizes are issued by the event host, according to the scores from high to low, in order to issue invitations or privilege identities; When an invitation is issued, it will be distributed in order according to the order of the wishlists filled out by the participants of the event. # Thanks for the list of gost, island owner, little phoenix, etc.
  11. Global discount is in effect Offer type: Free Start time: 2021-09-19 18:00:00 End time: 2021-09-22 00:00:00
  12. Wide global freeleech since 18 september
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