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    1. Reto

      LemonHD News

      The user can set the [default display mode] in [Personal Settings] in [Control Panel]  Site follow-up improvement plan: 1. Continue to improve the grouping (Gazelle) display details 2. Independent revision of the animation section 3. Independent revision of the music section 4. Adjust the menu of the whole site and beautify the layout 5. Add the function of customizing the layout color
    2. Give birth fast! Twelfth Anniversary Medal Portal: https://totheglory.im/mall.php?cid=5 Thank you for your love and support! The website has been reopened and will be automatically disabled without access for 6 weeks. Please log in frequently to keep your account active!
    3. Reto

      PTHome News

      increase: 5.****[Several Seed Inspectors in Music Zone] **** 1 seed keeper in the music group 6. Solicit the production of a set of classified icons, and give one year VIP treatment
    4. Reto

      LemonHD News

      The movie version has been improved to support Gazelle and NexusPHP for display and search.
    5. The website will be open for registration one week from February 27th. Please register in time if you need it. Please do not buy or sell invitations and accounts on this site. Any transaction involving money is a liar. Please do not believe that you will be blocked if you find your account.
    6. Reto

      PTMSG News

      Happy Lantern Festival, the whole station is in progress for free! Ends at 24:00 on the 28th.
    7. Follow the suggestion, FREE will postpone the day
    8. Please do not publish 2021 Spring Festival movie resources
    9. Tracker: PT.BTSchool Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://pt.btschool.club/signup.php Additional information: PT.BTSchool is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV Releases.
    10. Google Translate: Beauty moisturizes lips and eats floating yuan, and gives some magic to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The management team gave everyone a magic value of 8888 in tears. I hope everyone will cherish it and save some use. ::>_<::
    11. Google Translate: About sending invitation emails Because the management is too lazy to configure the mail SMTP, when sending the invitation, you need to manually send the invitation link to the other party's mailbox to assist in completing the registration. (Actually, the management will not repair it, and the QQ mailbox can't be received even if it's done, 屮)
    12. Hey guys we are started to recruit members for our release team. Those who are willing to join our team please come forward approach us. The requirements are having own system or rdp to rip. Join Link- https://discord.gg/gpDyXWjU
    13. Reto

      PTSBAO News

      Google Translate: The management team has distributed 10,000 magic points to all users, please accept it! The reason is: spring is here, everything recovers
    14. Reto

      PTSBAO News

      Google Translate: Saoyou in the world is a family, and the princes and generals are kind of like Xiangning! It's time to show off your skills. The Saoyou Development Group has extended an olive branch to you. If you have a good skill, welcome to join. The main recruitment. PHP front-end js plus py
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