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    1. Tracker: Trinity Palace Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.trinity-palace.org/account-signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Trinity Palace is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases.
    2. Tracker: Falkon Vision Team Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://falkonvision-team.com/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Falkon Vision Team is a Croatian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
    3. ⚠ Attention: *Keep qBittorrent up to date. Support for older versions will be dropped soon.
    4. Google Translation: Added: - The games API had its endpoint and form of authentication modified, so we had to redo the side of BT that accesses this information and returns in javascript. Now everything is working just as before. - The igdb ID when sent by javascript is now valid as int, any different value is not valid.
    5. Internal Server Error
    6. Join Loyality List and become Vip Leecher Join Loyality List and become Vip Leecher * just Check this Post and become WH Partner * Become Vip User With Simple Tracker Support * Keep Tracker Alive / Support WH releases Enjoy With best Qualities Ever Click here For More details
    7. Google Translation: Hello dear users, it's soon...... so far and we close the tracker! The forum remains on and is currently adding what you can leech there. But there will be no ratio or anything else, everything should be for fun! Please register here. From November 1st, 2020 three trackers will be announced, where your path can go!! Hope you keep the forum alive. Greetings, Staff
    8. We are now invite site, please send your invites out
    9. Google Translation: Official BJ-Share Chat Hello guys, Just as the name of this News suggests, today we are opening an Official BJ-Share Chat for active members of the site, and yes, only 'active' users on the site will be accepted, where they will have to go through the Porter, who will assist you with ease and quickly to connect to, correctly via Telegram. Remember that it is advisable to use Telegram Desktop instead of Telegram Web, as this can present several bugs that we at Staff cannot solve. * Those who still have their accounts disabled and / or banned will continue
    11. MASS-PM-FOOTBALL-TODAY ### MASS-PM ### LIVE STREAMS/FOOTBALL ### Hello members New Upcoming Football Games have been scheduled for today, discovered by System Vist our Live Football Streams page for more details. Or if you're not into football or just not into notifications you can visit your Account Settings (Football Notifications) to disable this notification in future. -------------------------------------------- Thanks for being part of our site hope everything is as you like, if not or you have any ideas for improvements etc just let us know http://torrentinv
    12. Freeleech Pool Tipped! ***** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film(s) have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Here Thanks to users who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
    13. Tracker: HDFans Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://hdfans.org/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: HDFans is a new Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV / General Releases.
    14. Tracker: 1PTBar Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://pt.1ptba.com/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: 1PTBar is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV Releases.
    15. Tracker: TheAudioScene Genre: Music Sign-up Link: https://theaudioscene.net/registration/registration.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: TheAudioScene is a Private Torrent Tracker for AUDIO SOFTWARE / SAMPLES / ETC.
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