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  1. Tracker: TurkNova Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.turknova.net/register/null Closing date: Registrations are open for at least 10k users Additional information: TurkNova is a Turkish Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases
  2. Google Translation: Libertad (Freedom) Dear Onlysceners, it appears that some are wondering about the veracity or not of our security from the site hosting point of view. Even rumors of denouncements reached us by some which were even confirmed. Be calm and reassured, because our site is well hosted in the DMCA IGNORED zone (a country which with a diplomatic arm of honor, does not recognize the laws and rules of the sacrosanct DMCA.) In summary, to all those who believed to have Onlyscene as a trophy, and our dear members and friends, we confirm that the site is very secure beyond that integrated internally in the script and that externally. We are a community open to all but closed for the good of all. We thank you for your confidence and we invite you to come and build your site with us and enrich it with your ideas and uploads. Kind regards.
  3. Tracker: NordicBits (NB) Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://nordicb.org/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: NordicBits (NB) is a Nordic Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases
  4. Tracker: HDATMOS Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://hdatmos.club/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: HDATMOS is a new Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV / General Releases. Note: New accounts include a newbie task.
  5. Google Translation: UPDATE: Upload available again! If you have a problem with the sample images, you can send a message to C****, link under the "Staff" section. With an error indication as accurate as possible.
  6. i apply for Elbitz @Rendition
  7. Freeleech Pool Tipped! ***** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film(s) have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Here Thanks to users who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  8. Global Freeleech Mode Activated! 2 days, 23 hours, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
  9. Google Translation: Latest site changes - mediainfo v0.4.2 - codec problem has been solved: now the system does not add any more codecs, only the first one from the mediainfo file is displayed. - incorrect API return for BD Info was solved too, now the javascript can read the outputs - now the site updates appear in the sidebar in a box for all users
  10. Google Translation: All members please pay attention, beware of Internet scammers!!!! Recently, we received reports from members that there is a business that offers to help CHD users to retrieve their accounts on X treasure or Xianyu, and unfortunately a small number of members have been recruited. The site specifically states that there is no official site involvement in X treasure or Xianyu business activities, or so-called selling invitations, helping to appeal and retrieving accounts, etc., these are all frauds by cyber scammers! There is no relationship with the site. We would like to remind all members to take precautions, do not be deceived!
  11. Google Translation: The promotion will apply until Monday (23:59 - 10 August 2020) The promotion offers a DOUBLE purchased package from the DONATE tab The promotion applies to the packages selected below. Explaining so that everything is clear. By purchasing sequentially, you get: VIP for 3 months - you get the VIP range for 6 months instead of 3 VIP for 6 months - you get the VIP range for 12 months instead of 6 VIP for a year - you get a VIP range for 24 months instead of 12 D0LBY DIGITAL Package - you get 2x D0LBY_DIGITAL package STERE0 package - you get 2x STERE0 package We invite you to take advantage and thus support the site.
  12. MASS-PM-FOOTBALL-TODAY ### MASS-PM ### LIVE STREAMS/FOOTBALL ### Hello members New Upcoming Football Games have been scheduled for today, discovered by System Vist our Live Football Streams page for more details. Or if you're not into football or just not into notifications you can visit your Account Settings(Football Notifications) to disable this notification in future. -------------------------------------------- Thanks for being part of our site hope everything is as you like, if not or you have any ideas for improvements etc just let us know
  13. Google Translation: Maintenance Dear Users During the day (05/08/2020), it is expected that the Upload menu will be temporarily disabled for maintenance reasons. This can take up to a few hours. You will be able to download without hindrance during this time! ..::Majomparádé Staff::..
  14. Tracker: Generation Free Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://generation-free.biz/account-signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Generation Free is a French Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
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