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  1. Good dear users. We hereby ask all users to contribute and not be forced to close due to lack of financial resources. To make the donation you must send a private message to > > > GSI < < < All donations above 3€ receive X Gigas that count for Upload and during this VIP period, besides having the nickname in green , they are not affected by the system Hit and Run. The amount of Gigas awarded is related to the amount donated to know the amount you should visit the donations page >> << We also want to leave a VERY special thank you to all the staff, who have made this house what it is It's. So we appeal once again for your help to renew the server again and we take this opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly and made us what we are today, without your presence/help nothing would be possible. The SceneRush administration
  2. Regulatory Adjustment Notice October 8,*2021 User can upload directly after successfully uploading 3 torrents.*Details:*Change of regulations: 1. Newly torrents uploaded will be set FREE for 48 hours. 2. Internal torrent: set free 48h (x2 free depending on each item). 3. BD,UHD BD, Remux size > 30GB will be FREE forever 4. Role User have 3 offers approved and successfully uploaded can uploaded directly. Have fun. ---------------------- Change domain name and management system/ Change new domain and system Hi all, after 2 days of transfer, NT4H officially runs with the new domain:*https://VietDB.org.*Accompanied by a change in the identity logo, infrastructure and staffs. The goal is make us become an international tracker and creating a valuable home for everyone. The old domain is still accessible and will be redirected to the new domain. The old announcement URL can still be seeded, but it is recommended that you reload the old tor or replace the new announcement URL:*https://go.vietdb.org/announce.php The new rules are also fully updated in the Vietnamese version .*The English rules will be updated in the future. On behalf of the staffs, I apologize for the problems happen in the past 2 days of transferrin new domains. Have fun. VietDB.org
  3. Our Free Leech has now ended. We hope you enjoyed XWT's birthday celebrations! We have also randomly selected our winners for our Raffle, who have won Free Leech for a YEAR on ALL Torrents. The winners are: **** **** **** Congratulations! If any of you want a bit of nostalgia and see what XWT and XWT-Classics have looked like over the past 16 years, check the thread below:
  4. Global Freeleech Mode Activated
  5. We would like to inform our members, that we've worked to sort out the problem with the site we have since a long time. We couldn't afford to pay for a server, we couldn't add donation on the site with crypto and the site couldn't expand. So we've decided to start over on a brand new site, not owned by us, and now we'll get more users to join and most of all we can expand. So it will be a LEGi0N site with an other owner, more movie content, more uploaders with movies other then LEGi0N and we hope it will be a success. When you login on our site you will be re-directed to the new site. There will be no more uploads on our "old" site which we will close soon. We hope to see you on the new site and we would like thank you for the support you've given us over the last years. LEGi0N
  6. Reto

    LemonHD News

    Thank you all members for your support of this site, and thank all members of the working group for their selfless dedication!
  7. Hello, Its time when we really need your help, We are over 3months overdue on our monthly server bills, the provider is threatening to pull the plugs on our server if these are not cleared within a week's time. So i request all members to please help out by donating whatever possible. We are also offering 3x (tripple) upload credit for this month on all donations. HKR
  8. Hey, folks! Just a little bit of an update as to what's been going on the last few weeks! -Several new image hosts have been added, per request. Some seem to work better than others. We will adjust as needed -All users can now edit their posts beyond the default time limit -Games category should be making it's appearance soon. Just finalizing the last few rules -The Bonus Shop has been undergoing a lot of behind the scenes changes. Look for more updates and final additions as soon as we can get the math all sorted to ensure it's fairly priced moving forward -All users should now be able to vote of torrent tags -The new Rules & Help link now leads to all articles instead of having to find them individually -A couple new help/rules articles have been posted as well -All Howard Stern content has been added to the Do Not Upload list. This is shown at the top of the Upload page as a reminder. We don't want the attention that can bring and the issues it causes -A couple new categories have been added to the Forums to help organize staff blogs and contests (not really an interesting addition, I know) -Many small fixes on the backend that really don't warrant listing A few other things: We do NOT accept donations in any form. If you would like to help, please grab a seedbox from one of the many reputable sites and adopt a few low seeded torrents! Upgrades to Member class will be happening soon. This will be interesting as we have only tested with 40-50 people before opening. We hope for the best and ask for your patience if issues occur. They will be fixed asap. Contests. We have a few in the works. Stay Tuned! Invites. Please use them responsibly (they are only available to Member+ users). You are responsible for any user you choose to invite. Finally, thank you for all the positive feedback (the negative as well). It's great to see everyone enjoying what we have done so far and we hope to keep growing and getting better and better as time goes by. We are still in our infancy and we appreciate the patience. Remember, all site suggestions should be posted to the proper forum category and your bug reports (again, posted to the proper forum) help us fix issues we may not be aware of now that the userbase has grown so much. Until next time! -CRT Staff
  9. Dear Friends, We are pleased to announce the start of activities at the Brasil Tracker Points Store, in which it will be possible to exchange accumulated points, below the image with the available options. https://i.imgur.com/5Qa184d.png To access the store click --> Points - (located in the main menu of your information profile) https://i.imgur.com/TKU18nI.png Store access --> POINTS STORE We will be working on the future development and implementation of new points exchange options.
  10. Improvement and development of the tracker functionality Everyone who wants to help is invited to this topic.
  11. New official sheets, new banners and not-new JPS We have 5 new official CSS sheets available that you can choose from within your user settings: Noir I and II: Super dark sheets for the noir in you. These were created by Epiphane Orion: A very well made new stylesheet which looks great and has a lot of issues from the other sheets fixed. Created by: herbert Nostalgia: For the part of you that yearns for JPS - and was one of the few people that actually used the default CSS - this stylesheet is for you. Created by: Epiphane Sugoi: Our default sheet has had some colour changes that make more appealing based on user feedback. Sugoi Dark: A new, even darker version of the classic. To submit your own CSS for inclusion to be official submit a PR: https://git.sugoimusic.me/Sugoimusic/frontend/ New banners We now have a banner instead of just the SM logo on it. I have created the first few, but we need more banners from you! You can submit your banners here: Banner Project thread Suki Everyone here must now know about the current state of JPS. This site was created just in case there was such an eventuality. I am sure we will all be very sad if it does not come back. There are some plans of what to do if it does indeed never come back in terms of allowing not-yet-transferred JPS torrents to still be setup here. For now though we will wait and see what happens. If you never used jps2sm and had a JPS seeding count of 5k+ torrents, send a Staff PM. I will see if I can work something out, but any new 'no-JPS jps2sm' will require a fair amount of Dev. - JPS may still come back though. Thank you everyone! Discuss this post here
  12. 03/10/2021 xx:xx:xx We have made some changes to the quarter and we are testing them. The quarter should count your download and upload.
  13. Global Freeleech Mode Activated
  14. Reto

    Aither News

    Trumping System & Updated Rules Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, we have added a new option to the torrent reporting feature. You are now able to report torrent "trumpings" individually. Just click the report button and then choose the "Trumping" option on the upload you want to replace. You will need to provide the hash of the upload that will replace the upload you are going to report. There's also a new section in our rules, providing all information needed about trumping: https://aither.cc/pages/1#TrumpingRules Cheers, Your Aither Staff
  15. Global discount is in effect Offer type: Free Starting time: 2021-09-30 18:00:00 End time: 2021-10-04 00:00:00
  16. National Day website activities From September 30th to October 1st, registration is open for 2 days. From October 4th to October 10th, the whole site is Free. Note: If the newcomer assessment expires on the site, please complete the download in advance.
  17. Candidate area function update In order to further standardize the resources in the site, the site has completed the update of the candidate area function. The brief introduction is as follows: 1. The release candidate and the direct release of seeds share the same interface. After the candidate is released, the publisher can directly start seeding; 2. Introduce the concept of candidate points, today In addition to the level requirements, the direct release of seeds must also meet the candidate points requirements; 3. Members who have previously released seeds have imported initial candidate points based on the number of released seeds, and the cap is 20; for more rules introduction, please enter the candidate area .
  18. Open again. https://yao.pttime.org/
  19. Tracker: New Age Music Genre: Music Sign-up Link: https://newage-music.ru/profile.php?mode=register Closing date: Soon!
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