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    2. MASS-PM-FOOTBALL-TODAY ### MASS-PM ### LIVE STREAMS/FOOTBALL ### Hello members New Upcoming Football Games have been scheduled for today, discovered by System Vist our Live Football Streams page for more details. Or if you're not into football or just not into notifications you can visit your Account Settings (Football Notifications) to disable this notification in future. -------------------------------------------- Thanks for being part of our site hope everything is as you like, if not or you have any ideas for improvements etc just let us know http://torrentinv
    3. Freeleech Pool Tipped! ***** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film(s) have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Here Thanks to users who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
    4. Tracker: HDFans Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://hdfans.org/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: HDFans is a new Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV / General Releases.
    5. Tracker: 1PTBar Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://pt.1ptba.com/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: 1PTBar is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV Releases.
    6. Tracker: TheAudioScene Genre: Music Sign-up Link: https://theaudioscene.net/registration/registration.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: TheAudioScene is a Private Torrent Tracker for AUDIO SOFTWARE / SAMPLES / ETC.
    7. Tracker: Racing4Everyone (R4E) (Open for Application Signup) Genre: Sports Sign-up Link: https://racing4everyone.eu/application Closing date: N/A Additional information: Racing4Everyone (R4E) is a Private Torrent Tracker for Racing Releases.
    8. Donation Needed! Hello, We have very little time and about ***+eur to cover pending invoice with our hosting provider. They have given us a final notice and no more delays will be accepted from our end. They will pull the plugs on us if invoices are not cleared in a timely manner. Request all members to pls help with donations no matter how small or big they might be. Staff
    9. PTN's 2020 Halloween Competitions!!! For one more year Halloween competitions waiting for you! If you are in the mood then all you have to do is to join and get some cool prizes! Halloween 2020 Costume Competition! Halloween 2020 Pumpkin Carving Competition!! :: Staff
    10. Google Translation: Can't download a file? What could be happening? Many users have this problem on the site, so here is a topic for me to provide answers to you about problems you have with connection. Before you answer that you can't download anything, I recommend that you test it with the following torrent client. here Follow the steps in the following video: here Throughout the posts here, I would like to have your feedback if it helped improve the download. We are a small community, but with the spirit of sharing files alive on our users. Always BT
    11. Thanksgiving themed logo comp 2020 vote now, click here
    12. Tracker: HDDisk Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://hddisk.life/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: HDDisk is a small Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
    13. Temporary invites Users with rank Sportsman and above were given 5 temporary invites for 5 days. Use them wisely!
    14. Tracker: Ntelogo Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://ntelogo.org/register/null Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Ntelogo is a Greek Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases.
    15. Tracker: HQMusic Genre: Music Sign-up Link: http://hqmusic.info/register.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: HQMusic is a Vietnamese Private Torrent Tracker for Lossless Music Releases.
    16. Tracker: DXDHD (Open for Application Signup) Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://dxdhd.com/application Closing date: N/A Additional information: DXDHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD/UHD Movies / TV / General Releases.
    17. Tracker: HDME Genre: HD Sign-up Link: http://hdme.eu/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: HDME is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV Releases.
    18. Sportscult.org is in free invitation mode. Sportscult.org gives you 5 free invitations to invite your friends from here.
    19. Google Translation: Do you have any wishes ??? Wanting something from Netflix then send us a TEAMPM
    20. Update: The event is over.
    21. As the site has announced, it's going to close its doors on November 1st.
    22. Temporary errors with loading certain pages, due to server issues.
    23. Google Translation: Attention!! We announce that there are free places in the elite PS Club! What do we offer to Club members? - among others: - no HNR control, download as much as you like, without worrying about seeding - list of the last 150 torrent comments - 100 REQ per month - access to TOP10 - the ability to write anonymous comments - upload multipliers: x2, x3 - preview of visitors to your profile - + v on IRC - history of SB - PS crew tab - access to the PSiG Premieres department - invitations - changed main
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      Google Translation: Welcome to Asgaard Click on Welcome in the image above to read a greeting from STAFF
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