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  1. What is Usenet? Usenet or ‘Unix users’ network’ is an extensive collection of discussion groups consisting of articles and messages submitted by its worldwide users. This collection of articles contains different interests of users. They are commonly known as ‘newsgroups’. On Usenet, you can create your discussion topic or contribute to existing newsgroups you subscribe to and make that contribution available to all the subscribers of that newsgroup. Not only text content, but also you can post non-text content like media files in newsgroups. The concept of Usenet closely resembles Bulletin Board System (BBS), and it paved the way for internet forums which are prevalent nowadays. Usenet consists of servers connected to the internet and servers that are not part of the internet. At present, it uses Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) for data transmission and primarily for file sharing. How Usenet evolved? Usenet started even before the internet came into life. The idea for the Usenet first came to Jim Ellis and Truscott in 1979. They wanted to establish a system that enables people worldwide to post ideas and share opinions about different topics. As a result, the duo started Usenet in 1980 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. Initially, Usenet was built on the ARPANET using Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP) Network protocol to transmit emails, files, and announcements. Moderated and Unmoderated Newsgroups Anyone who has access to Usenet can post any content. A moderated newsgroup is typically controlled by an administrator who monitors the posts and checks the content to see if they are appropriate. An unmoderated newsgroup does not have such a monitoring process, and any user’s posts will appear as-is. Newsgroups have a set of rules and objectives, which are known as charters. Also, newsgroups have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can use both FAQs and chartered to choose an appropriate newsgroup. Usenet Topic Hierarchy Usenet uses a hierarchical naming convention to identify each newsgroup uniquely. In this naming system, every newsgroup has a unique name consisting of the newsgroup name at the top-level of its hierarchy and its topic name separated by a period. Take a look at the following example. All the articles about every science topic belong to the ‘sci.*’ newsgroup, which is at the top of the hierarchy. Then, articles mainly related to physics and biology subjects will belong to ‘sci.phy’ and ‘sci.bio’ newsgroups. Usenet’s first newsgroup is said to be NET.general. How Does Usenet Work? Usenet News Servers Usenet has a collection of distributed servers called news servers which have a collection of newsgroups. There is no dedicated centralized server in Usenet. News servers can communicate with other news servers and exchange articles. They use a flooding algorithm for this process. Articles get copied from one news server to another until the articles reach every server in the Usenet. Each newsgroup has a dedicated text file which is often a large text file containing its messages and articles. Usenet Newsreaders Newsreaders act as clients that communicate with news servers. Most new mail clients have integrated newsreader software. For example, you can connect to newsgroups using an integrated newsreader software like Microsoft Outlook Express and Gmail or use a standalone Usenet newsreader software which we will discuss later in this guide. How Usenet updates new information? When you connect to the newsreader: The newsreader establishes a connection to the news server using NNTP. Then your newsreader will download the new messages from the newsgroups you have subscribed to. If you read articles or subscribe to a new newsgroup, the newsreader saves that information. If you reply to a particular message, then it will be sent to the news server. The news server then saves your messages in its text file by appending them at the end of the file. When the text file size reaches a certain length, the contents at the beginning of the files get removed and moved to its archive text file. Next, the news server will send the updated information to other connecting news servers. After receiving the file, each news server mainly compares that file with its current file related to a newsgroup. If there are changes in the file they received, they will add those changes to the existing file. Then it will send the updated file to the other news servers until all the news servers get the updated information. Other subscribers will get your reply when they connect to the newsgroup. The process repeats when they reply. How Can you Access Usenet? It is impossible to directly access the Usenet site like the way you typically access websites over the internet. At present, To access Usenet, you need to have access to the following three components or software. Usenet Provider Usenet Search Engine Newsreader 1. Choose a Usenet Provider The first and foremost thing is to have a subscription from a suitable Usenet Provider. There are a lot of Usenet Providers out there offering different features. Next, we will see the specific features you may need to consider when researching to find a good Usenet provider. What are the features you have to consider when choosing a Usenet Provider? Price Look for different price plans they offer. Most Usenet providers’ packages start from $10. Depending on the features they provide, it can be costly. Some may provide exclusive deals and limited-time offers for a price less than $10. Always look if the features you get with that package meet your needs. There are free services as well, but they do not provide adequate retention and speed. Hence opt for a better-paid service. Retention Every text and binary file consumes space in Usenet servers. Because of this reason, many providers do not keep them forever. Instead, they expire older files after a certain period to save space. This period they keep the files is the retention period. Higher the retention period, the easier the finding of the content. Usually, a good provider has a higher retention period that spans thousands of days. Low-quality providers store only a handful of posts to reduce the storage costs. Completion There is a size limit for the content in Usenet servers. If the message is large, it will split into multiple parts. The completion is the ability to successfully retrieve all the elements that belonged to the post or message because all the parts need to be in one server to download successfully. Because Usenet does not allow the download of different parts of the file from other servers. If one part is missing, the file can be completely unreadable. Therefore, it is an essential factor to look at when choosing a Usenet provider. Simultaneous Connections Simultaneous connections to the server provide the ability to download parts of a file in parallel for quicker download. It is often seen that the higher the links, the better. However, your internet connection should have a better speed, like 50-100Mbps, to benefit from it because most providers advertise that they offer more than 50 server connections, and some offer unlimited connections. But you won’t be able to use more than ten connections from this if you do not have the proper bandwidth. Download Speed There are several things to consider when looking for the download speed. If the provider offers more simultaneous connections, the download speed will obviously be higher if you have a better internet connection. Also, some provide tier-1 networks having servers in multiple locations. They usually offer higher bandwidth for faster download speed. Try to choose a provider that has servers closer to your area for a better download experience. Speed Throttling In addition, most providers allow downloading only a certain amount of data per month. They may throttle your speed if you exceed the limit. But, some providers provide unlimited downloads. Security Look if they provide encryption such as SSL secured connections with 256-bit SSL encryption or TLS support that will securely download your data. In addition, some providers offer a VPN connection to browse anonymously to ensure your privacy. Check if the VPN connection logs your data. If they have a zero log policy, they now keep track of your login and access information. Other Features In addition to these essential features, you can check for features like if the provider offers 24/7 customer support, compatible devices, a free newsreader software with the subscription, and a free trial with the plans. Next, we will see top Usenet providers in the market, summarize and compare their features. NOW ABOVE ARE JUST AN WIKI LIKE INFO IDEA OF USENET GENERALLY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ON NET I AM HERE TO GIVE YOU THE BEST CUSTOM SETUP OF AWESOME USENET + TORRENT + AUTOMATION EVER AND BEFORE STARTING OFF TO MOON LANDING THANKS TO @Rendition WHO GUIDED ME GENUINELY TO P2P WORLD ,THANKS RENDY FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY EPIC MASTER GUIDE by @ryansacc THIS GUIDE GIVEN HANDCRAFTEDLY AFTER HOURS OF REVIEWS READING AND ANALYSING ALL OPTIONS OUT THERE TILL TODAY OUR FIRST TARGET IS PRIVACY OFCOURSE THATS WHY TORRENTING STARTED SO TO ACHIEVE PRIVACY WE SHORTLISTED USENET PROVIDER WHICH ACCEPTS CRYPTOS AS PAYMENT OPTIONS FIRST BUT IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THAT ONLY NEED TOP TIER PROVIDER UPTO TO YOU THEY GET YOUR CARD OR PAYPAL INFO OFCOURSE ARE YOU REALLY READY HAND OVER ALL YOUR PAYMENT INCLUDING HOME ADDRESS AND START DOWNLOADING MOVIES REALLY THINK ABOUT IT ! ! ! ! ! ! YOUR ANSWER MAYBE WHAT THE HELL NO WAY BUT HERE IT IS POSSIBLE LEGALLY!!! BECAUSE UNLESS A FILE OR ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL POSTED IN A FULL FORMAT ONLY IT CAN BE CLASSIFED AS VIDEO SO SONG OR IMAGE OR ISO OR ZIP BUT WHAT IF IS OBFUSCATED INTO FRAGMENTS OF PIECES OF DATA AND ON DIFFERENT SERVERS MORE PRECISE CONSIDER A 1 GB VIDEO ANY MAYBE COPYRIGHTED IF POSTED ON WEBSITE OR LINK IT WILL BE TAKEDOWN BY DMCA OR ANY OTHERS WHAT IF THAT 1GB OF VIDEO IN CONVERTED IN TO CHUNKS OF DATA AND SEPARATED BY RAR OR ZIP FORMAT AND THROWN TO SERVERS GLOBALLY.... PRACTICALLY NO ONE CAN DECIPHER WITH THAT SINGLE CHUNK LIKE 100MB OF 1GB VIDEO FOUND ON A USENET SERVER PLACED GLOBALLY UNLESS AN METHOD CALLED INDEXING OR NEWREADING COMES IN THE MIDDLE OF PROCESS THESE INDEXERS [eg drukenslug nzbgeek nzbplantinum so on] CHECK RENDITION OFFICIAL NZB SELLER SECTION THESE INDEXERS USING SCRIPTS TO PARSE THOSE SEPARATED DATA FIND WHETHER THEY ARE MOVIE OR SONG OR GAME ETC FINALLY AND GENERATE AN NZB FILE AND KEEP THEM READY AS A CONTAINER FINALLY TOOLS PART LIKE WE HAVE QBITORRENT ,UTORRENT,BIGLYBT,DELUGE,BITORRENT ETC TO PLACE THE .torrent file or .magent LINKS TO START DOWNLOADING FROM p2p World.. HERE ARE THE TOOLS FOR USENET DOWNLOADING PURPOSE: SabNZBd [RECOMMENDED] GrabIt NewsLeecher NZBGet Jdownloader2 [if you trust and an already using it like a fan something ] ####VPN A MUST EITHER NORD OR EXPRESS OR WHATEVER MY RECOMMENDATION NORD#### UNLIKE TORRENTING YOU GET EVERTHING FROM PUBLIC TRACKERS FOR FREE BUT FOR SPEED LOVERS AND MOVIE FREAKS AND UHD LOVERS AND SPEEDY LOVERS THEY HAVE TO GO PRIVATE WAY FOR THAT PRIVATE SEEDBOX AN ANVOIDABLE INVESTMENT LIKEWISE IN USENET WORLD FOR BACKBONE SERVER PROVIDER HERE YOU HAVE TO SPEND ATLEAST 8 EUROS PER MONTH PER BACKBONE SERVER PROVIDER FOR 😎USENET.FARM😎 😱UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS AND UNLIMITED SPEED 😱 THEN ATLEAST FOR INDEXERS AS PER YOUR NEED TO SPEND 10$ AN YEAR PER INDEXER THERE ARE SOME UN-ETHICAL PROVIDERS DO TECHNICAL SPEED THROTTLING TO SUFFER US AND LEECH OUR MONEY , NOT ALL SOME DO PROOF ON REDDIT STORAGE RETENTIONS 3000-4300 DAYS 🤑 8 -10 YEARS🤑 OF --------------------------::::ARCHIVE OF:::::----------------------------------- [ONLY 3 HOURS MAX DELAY BETWEEN (SCENE AND P2P) AND USENET TIMINGS] MOVIES UHD BD50 BD25 HD SD WEB-DL XXX 0DAY+NO MEGAPACKS SORRY+ERROR FREE ARCHIVE UPTO 5 YEARS FOR ADDITONAL YEARS TIER-1 PROVIDER OMICRON EWEKA.NL REQUIRED TV SHOWS COMPLETE SEASONS + 0DAY EPISODES SONGS FLAC OST BGM ALBUMS AUDIOBOOKS PC GAMES | MAC APPS | PC APPS GAMES ISO UNTOUCHED STICK TO LEGIT GROUPS OR SOURCE ALWAYS PS CONSOLE EVERYTHING PS 1 2 3 4 NINTENDO AND SO ON................................................... 😱 ALMOST 90% FROM SCENE WORLD 100% FROM P2P WORLD ARE IN USENET 😱 PRIVACY ENABLED ANONYMOUS SAFE CRYPTO ACCEPTED PROVIDER LIST Usenet.Farm: Offers anonymous accounts (only an email required), accepts Bitcoin and Paysafecard, European servers, good connections in US (during my tests), €5.57 per month [MOST RECOMMENDED BY MYSELF YOU WONT REGRET IT IF ANY COMMENT IT] PROS: 99.99 ANONYMOUS FROM PAYMENT TO USAGE NO THROTTLING EVER 99.99 LESS FAILURES FOR UPTO 3-5 YEARS GOT SERVERS ON NETHERLANDS MOST SAFE FOR DOWNLOADING AND HIGH UPLINK DOWNLOAD AS MUCH AS YOU CAN NO QUESTIONS NewsDemon: Accepts Bitcoin, has servers in US and UK, $7.60 per month UsenetExpress: Accepts Bitcoin, hybrid backbone, US-based servers only, $7.50 per month XS News: European servers, accepts Bitcoin and Paysafecard, €8.20 per month XLNed: Accepts Bitcoin and Paysafecard, good completion rate, European servers, €7.74 per month Pure Usenet: Accepts Bitcoins and Paysafecard, European servers, €6.63 per month TOP 20 RANKED PROVIDER LIST [CRYPTO INCLUDED][BETTER AVOID US BASED] Usenet Provider Retention Period (days) Includes Unlimited Download SSL Simultaneous Connections Free Trial Free Newsreader with Search News groups Zero-log VPN? Other Newshosting 4685 Yes 60 Yes Yes 110,000+ Yes No Bitcoin payment support Eweka 4681+ Yes 50 Yes Yes 125,000 No Customer support for four languages Easynews 4685+ binary retention Yes 60 Yes Yes 110,000+ Yes Includes NZB search engine Newsleecher 2850 binary and 4150 for text Some plans 30 Yes Yes 100,000+ No Integrated search and auto downloader UsenetServer 4685 Yes 20 No No 110,000+ Yes 99.99% completeness worldwide server locations GigaNews 17+ years of text retention Yes 100 Yes No 110,000+ Yes 100% completeness, 24*7 customer support Usenet.Farm 3000 Yes 50 Yes No 110,000+ No Better user interface with dashboards SuperNews 3+years binary, 15+years text retention Yes 30 Yes No 110,000+ No 24*7 customer support TweakNews 4200 Yes No No Yes 110,000+ Yes 99.99% completion rate AstraWeb 4000 Yes 50 No No Not specified No Unlimited subscription plans IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVACY COST THEN UNLIMITED DATA AND UNLIMITED SPEED 😎THESE ARE EU BASED AND SAFE AND BEST CHOICES NO REGRETS FOREVER😎 👉UsenetExpress: UsenetExpress & NewsDemon: Usenet.Farm: Usenet.Farm & based on Omicron👈 Usenet Search Engines Usenet Search Engine Features Easynews Integrated to Easynews Usenet provider Search results include thumbnail previews and file details NZBPanet Currently, Free account registration is by Invite Only Limited to 5 NZB downloads a day, but its VIP accounts provide full features VIP accounts offer features like Higher API hits Unlimited NZB downloads VIP only Forum Advanced waitlist Custom saved searches Disable site adverts NZBGeek Provide a free subscription Provide categories lie movies, audio, Tv, books, etc Advanced searching criteria GingaDaddy Provide both free and VIP accounts Indexed over one million NZBs VIP accounts provide features like More than one million indexes VIP forum Unlimited NZBs and APIs Binsearch Open to the public. Therefore no need for registration or pay for the service Provides advanced search option Lists over 3000 newsgroups NZBFinder Friendly User Interface Has three subscription plans, including a free plan Provides up to 20k API hits Advanced Search Spotweb access OTHER TOP RATED COMPLETE INDEXER MORE THAN ENOUGH EVEN IF YOU GOT MIN 3 MAX 5 FROM BELOW nzbs.in omgwtfnzbs.me COMPLETE drunkenslug.com COMPLETE DogNzb.cr COMPLETE nzb.su COMPLETE Nzbgeek.info COMPLETE + 0day xxx lulunzb.com kleverig.eu XXX nzbplanet.net MOVIES TV nzb.cat COMPLETE nzbgrabit.xyz simplynzbs.com/login tabula-rasa.pW Site Code Base Registrations Free Account Limits abNZB Newznab Open 25 NZBs, 10 API hits/day NzbNooB Newznab Open 5 downloads, 100 api hits/day NZBgeek Newznab Open 14 day trial period Tabula-Rasa NNTmux Open 10 NZBs, 100 API hits/day GingaDADDY Custom Open 3 downloads/day, no XXX SimplyNZBs nZEDb Open 5 NZBs, 10 API hits/day NZB Finder nZEDb Open 10 NZBs, 100 API hits/day NZBNDX Newznab Open 2 week trial period altHUB Newznab Open Free to use for 14 days, then unusable until you pay NZB.su Newznab Open 0 NZBs, 0 API, no forum access Miatrix Newznab Open 2 NZBs, 10 API hits/day Many on the above are free to try if not check or pm RENDITION FOR BEST PRICES 😇NEXT PART WILL BE ON DOWNLOADING STEP BY STEP THEN AUTOMATION FINALLY😇 DOWNLOADING PART🤓 UNLIKE IN TORRENTING HEADACHES LIKE SEED PEER AVAILABLITY HERE THERE IS NOTHING JUST BUY FROM THE BEST PROVIDER I AM NOT GONNA BOAST ANY PROVIDER JUST GOOGLE OR DUCK DUCK GO THERE ARE MANY PAID UP ARTICLES FAKE PROMOTED OR BIASED UP UPTO YOU GET AN EU PROVIDER ATLEAST FOR SAFETY REASONS THEN DOWNLOAD SABnzbd will download and repair your nzb files, after which you can use the content. The program is completely free to download and works with Windows, macOS, Linux and a NAS. But how can you get started with SABnzbd? Download SABnzbd To get started, download the program and follow the steps to install it. These are different for each operating system, but pretty simple in almost all cases. After installing, open the program, which opens a new window in your normal browser. SABnzbd-wizard The first thing you will need to do is select your preferred languages. We selected English, but you are free to choose whatever language has your preference. Do note that the rest of the instructions and examples in this article all pertain to the English version of SABnzbd. Once you have chosen a language and clicked on “Start Wizard”, you will get a new window in front of you. Here you must enter your Usenet provider data. First of all, you must enter the name of your server (under ‘Host’). This name is obtained from your Usenet provider when you subscribe for a Usenet account. Then enter your username and password if necessary, which are also provided to you by your Usenet provider. Don’t have a Usenet subscription yet? Take a look at our overview of the best Usenet providers to meet your needs. View best Usenet providers You only need to select the box ‘SSL’ if you want to make use of a secure SSL-connection when downloading. An SSL connection is a form of encryption, so others cannot see what you are doing on Usenet. Per Usenet provider, it differs whether SSL is offered, so check before you select the ‘SSL-box’. Under the option ‘SSL’ you will see a gear / sprocket sign with the ‘advanced’ option. Click on it and you will get some additional options. Here you will be asked what port you want to use. If your Usenet provider supports an SSL connection, then it is often port 119 or 563. But you can obtain this information from your Usenet provider. To finalize, you must specify the number of connections. How many connections you can obtain maximally varies by provider and account. So check how many connections you can get with your provider. When you are finished, click “Test Server” to see if everything works properly. If everything works, click on ‘next’. The following page gives you an overview of your details. Here you will find a web address where you can easily access SABnzbd. It is therefore advisable to save this address under your bookmarks. Furthermore you’ll see two folders: one for processed downloads and one for temporary downloads. The temporary download folder contains files that are not yet fully downloaded. In the processed download folder, you find content which has been completely downloaded. By clicking on the gear/sprocket, you can customize the locations of these folders. When done, click on the green button to continue to SABnzbd. Configure SABnzbd After having finished the installation wizard, you can now configure SABnzbd. To do this, click the gear/sprocket on the top right of your screen and then go to the ‘General’ tab. General – SABnzbd Web Server Here you will see some fields you can fill in. The first field, ‘SABnzbd Host‘, is about the IP address where SABnzbd should be accessible for you. In most cases it is not needed to make any modifications here. In case you want SABnzbd to be accessible by all computers in your home network, you can fill in the IP address of the computer that hosts SABnzbd. Under ‘SABnzbd Port‘ you can change the port of the program. This could be helpful if SABnzbd conflicts with another program for instance. The new port also needs to be used in the URL in your browser in case you want to access SABnzbd that way. For instance “http://localhost:8081/sabnzbd/”. We changed the port from 8080 to 8081 here to set an example. In most cases, changing the SABnzbd port is not needed. By selecting ‘Enable HTTPS‘ you activate the SSL connection. This means that your data traffic on Usenet is secured and encrypted. This is an extra safety measure. While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended. At the field ‘Language‘ you can choose to use SABnzbd in another language. If you are satisfied with your settings, you select “Save changes” and scroll further down. If you changed anything regarding the HTTPS activation, SABnzbd might need to restart. You will receive an automatic notification if this is the case. If you scroll down a bit you’ll find that section on Security, which we will discuss next. General – Security There are several security measures you can take when using SABnzbd. It’s possible to set a username and password for SABnzbd, meaning you will have to log in with the credentials every time you want to use the program. This is not mandatory though, if you want you can just leave these field blank. The API Key and NZB Key are important if you want to grant third party software access to SABnzbd. For instance, you might be using an automatic download program like Sonarr or CouchPotato. These are programs which automatically download movies or series for you. With an API Key you can give them automatic access to SABnzbd, so they can work their magic. If you made any changes to your password or username here, make sure to save your changes before scrolling further down. General – Tuning At the bottom of the page you’ll find the section on ‘Tuning’. Under ‘Maximum line speed‘, you can tell SABnzbd to take into account a certain download speed limit. By not filling in anything, you will give SABnzbd permission to just download as fast as possible. This will consume a bit more bandwidth but still is the preferred choice for most people. If you want to slow down the downloading process, you can choose your preferred download speed here. It’s also possible to appoint a percentage of line speed to SABnzbd. Once again, just leaving this blank will be okay for most people. The ‘Article Cache Limit‘ determines how big incomplete downloads are allowed to be. When SABnzbd downloads, the data is temporarily stored in SABnzbd’s cache. So the download will not immediately appear on your hard disk yet. This saves you some disk space in case the download process is interrupted or when it fails for any reason. It also helps in prolonging the life span of your hard disk, as it will be less frequently written on. However, there is also a disadvantage to this feature, since SABnzbd will be taking up additional working memory. This could slow down your computer to some extent, since SABnzbd is taking up part of the work space by temporarily caching download files. Be sure not to stress the working memory of your computer too much by giving SABnzbd too much working memory caching power. It all depends on the capacity and specifications of your computer though, so that should help you determine how big the caching memory should be! In our example we went with 450 MB, which works absolutely fine for our setup. Click on ‘Save Changes‘ and proceed to the tab ‘Folders‘ in the upper menu of SABnzbd. If SABnzbd rebooted, it might be necessary to click the gear / sprocket again in top right corner. That way you access ‘Folders’. Folders – User Folders In this overview you can indicate in which locations (folders) SABnzbd should place downloaded files. The standard setting here is that all downloads through SABnzbd are directed to the default download folder on your computer (called ‘Downloads’). But if you like can change this here. It might be very convenient to set a ‘Watched Folder‘. You could for instance call this map “downloads/nzb”. Of course you need to first to create this folder before you can select it here. If you set a ‘Watched folder’ and place any NZB files in this folder, SABnzbd will automatically import these NZB files and start the download process. Click on ‘Save Changes‘ when you are done and proceed to click the tab ‘Switches‘ in the header menu of SABnzbd. Switches – Queue In this section you can indicate for a whole lot of actions if SABnzbd should initiate them or not. On the top of the screen you will see the subcategory ‘Server’, but usually we recommend not to bother with these settings, as they are generally fine. So scroll down to the ‘Queue’ section, as indicated in the screenshot above. The ‘Pre-queue user script‘ allows you to run a script before a download starts. This option is for advanced users, and certainly not required. Our advice: skip it. If you active the option ‘Check before download‘ SABnzbd will try to assess whether a download will be successful based on the NZB file. If SABnzbd estimates that the download will not be successful, for instance due to incomplete files, the download will not commence. This feature helps to prevent you from wasting valuable resources, for instance if you have to pay per MB you download or if you have a slow internet connection. Downside is that it will take SABnzbd some time to figure out if it is worth downloading a file. Even if the file eventually gets the green light and the download commences, the whole process will take longer. Then there is the option ‘Detect Duplicate Downloads‘. SABnzbd will check if by accident you added a similar file to your download queue twice, or if you already download a similar file in the past. It helps you prevent downloading the exact same file twice. The next interesting option is ‘Action when encrypted RAR is downloaded‘. If SABnzbd sees that a RAR-set is protected with a password, it needs to know what to do next. Pause is a good option, as it will prevent you from initiating a download in cases where you don’t have the required password to unlock the file. ‘Action when unwanted extension detected‘ tells SABnzbd what to do when an ‘unwanted’ file extension is detected. In the field below you can fill in what extensions you deem unwanted. This can be helpful in preventing viruses and other malware. A video is not supposed to have a ‘.exe’ extension for instance, but a virus in many cases does contain a ‘.exe extension’. So you can block those extensions here to minimize your risks of downloading something malicious. At the bottom of this section you can choose to ‘Sort by age‘. It tells SABnzbd whether to download the oldest or the newest files first that were added to the queue. You can also manually sort this out in the queue whilst downloading. You can choose ‘Direct Unpack‘ if you would like SABnzbd to already start unpacking whilst downloading. Many times a file will require repair, so this option does not always work. Save your changes and scroll further down to ‘Post processing‘. Switches – Post processing On this section there are several things you will need to consider. The first being ‘Pause Downloading During Post-Processing‘. It means that when SABnzbd is busy controlling, unpacking or repairing a file, the downloading process of subsequent downloads in the queue will be paused. This can be helpful if you have a slow computer. But the downloading process itself will take longer. If you have a fast computer, you can leave this box unmarked (like we do). ‘Download all par2 files‘: With this option you tell SABnzbd to download all PAR2 repair files, regardless if they are really needed or not. A PAR2 file allows you to automatically repair a file which is broken or incomplete, but usually you don’t need a complete selection of PAR2 files to repair a file. With ‘Post-process only verified jobs‘ you tell SABnzbd to only unpack, control and repair files if they have been downloaded correctly. If there are any errors, SABnzbd does not continue the process. Most other options in this section generally do not require your further attention. Save your changes (if any) and scroll down to ‘Naming‘. Switches – Naming Here you can select a couple of convenient options to make file names more understandable and clear. With ‘Replace spaces in folder name‘ the spaces in names of folders are exchanged with underscores. You can select ‘Replace dots in folder name‘ as well to replace dots with spaces. None of these options are mandatory though. If you are finished, save and scroll down to ‘Quota‘. Switches – Quota In this menu you set a download limit for a certain time span or period. For instance, with some Usenet providers you will have a certain download limit per month. Or perhaps your internet service provider has you on a bandwidth limit. Under ‘Size‘ you fill in the maximum amount of data you allow SABnzbd to download in a certain time period. SABnzbd uses G voor Gigabyte, M for Megabyte and K for Kilobyte. Under ‘Quota period‘ you fill in what quota period you would like to set (day, week or month). Under ‘Reset day‘ you can choose what day and even what hour you would like your quota (i.e. your download limit) to be reset. If you have selected month, then you need to indicate what day of the month the data should be reset (i.e. filling in 15 means that on the 15th day of each month your quota will be reset). If you have selected week, you can indicate on which day the quota is reset (1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6=Saturday, 7=Sunday). If you have selected day, it means your quota is reset daily, and you can set a time when you want this reset to take place (e.g. filling in 3:00 means your data is reset at 3 o’clock at night). An example: Imagine you want to set a weekly quota of 50 GB, which should reset on Wednesdays at 17:00 o’clock (which is 05:00 PM). You have to fill in the following information: Size: 50G. Quota period: Week. Reset day: 3 17:00. See the following screenshot where we filled in these details: Also see the explanatory table of SABnzbd: When SABnzbd reaches the download limit it pauses any new downloads you might add. By checking ‘Auto resume‘ SABnzbd will commence downloading these files once the limit has been reset. If you do not check this box, you will need to manually resume the download process for these files in the SABnzbd queue. Save your changes and go to the tab ‘Servers‘ at the top of the SABnzbd menu. Servers On this page you can add a new server to SABnzbd. During the initial installation you already added a first Usenet server. But on the current page you can add more options and if you like you could add several servers / providers. Make sure to check the box ‘Enable’ to make sure the server will be used. Under ‘Host‘ you fill in the address of the server, which is usually the address of your Usenet provider. Under ‘Port‘ you fill in the port you would like to use. Your Usenet provider will provide you with the server details (Host address and port information) when you sign up. Check the box in front of ‘SSL‘ if you want to use a secure connection (advised). Fill in your username and password to gain access to the server. Once again, this information is provided to you by your Usenet provider when you subscribe. Under ‘Connections‘ you fill in the maximum number of connections your subscription allows. This differs per provider and package. For instance, if you fill in 20, you allow SABnzbd to establish 20 simultaneous connections when downloading. The more connections, the faster your download speed generally. The option ‘Priorities‘ is important when you are using several servers at the same time. All servers with priority 0 (zero) are used first to download files. Zero means these servers have highest priority. If a file is not found there, then SABnzbd continues to search the lower priority servers you have enabled. If you have a server which only allows a limited amount of data per month, you could give this server a lower priority. This term is a bit confusing, as 0 is the highest priority, and 100 is the lowest priority in this case. If you have a server with a download limit, you can give this server a lower priority (by assigning a number closer to 100) to make sure this server is only used if your file is not found on the other servers. This helps you save precious data. Generally you will not need to alter the ‘Advanced‘ settings of a server, although you can select here how strict the SSL-protection needs to be enforced (could be handy). When you are done, save your changes and go to the tab ‘Scheduling‘. Scheduling On this page you can give SABnzbd certain download schedules to adhere to. You can tell SABnzbd to initiate a certain action at a certain time and on a certain day. For instance, you can tell SABnzbd to pause all downloads on Mondays at 06:30 in the morning. Or that SABnzbd should impose a speed limit for a certain time period. There are a lot of custom preferences you can set here. Chances are you will never use these options, but it’s good to be aware of their existence. If you want you can make a completely automated string of actions you want SABnzbd to do for you. You will see this overview of actions under ‘Current Schedules‘. You should be finished with the configuration of SABnzbd now! Downloading with SABnzbd The configuration is finished and you can get started with downloading. How do we proceed now? First of all, you will need to find something you would like to download. On an NZB-site (also called an indexer) you can search for NZB files. NZB files contain information on the ‘real’ location of a certain file on Usenet (for instance, the movie or series you want to watch). SABnzbd uses these NZB files to find and download your real file from Usenet. NZB-files can be found on the following sites (note that some NZB sites require you to buy a subscription): NZB.cat NZB.su Binsearch.info NZBindex.nl NZBindex.com Gingadaddy nzbserver.com(Spotweb) nzbplanet.net nzbfinder.ws nzbindex.in When you find a suitable file on an NZB site, you can download this on your computer (NZB files are very small, because they simply contain information on where the ‘real’ file can be found on Usenet). You can choose to place the NZB file in the ‘Watched folder‘ on your computer (we talked about that earlier on this page). That way SABnzbd will automatically commence the download. Or you can choose to manually provide SABnzbd with the NZB file. You do this by clicking on the + icon in the top right of the SABnzbd home screen. A screen will pop up with 2 options: you can add an NZB via an URL (for advanced users) or you can upload it from your computer. Click on ‘Browse‘ to add the NZB file to SABnzbd. After you have selected the NZB file, you have the option to give it another name (not obligatory). If you are content with the name, click on ‘Add‘. After adding your NZB file to SABnzbd, the download will show up in the queue of SABnzbd automatically. On the main page you will be able to keep track of the downloading process. When downloading is finished, the file can be found in the destination folder you chose earlier. And that’s all there is to it! OK HERE COMES MY PART OF TUNING UP AND BREAKAGE KINDA WHAT TO INTERRUPTION DOWNLOADNG EXPERIENCE ALWAYS USE DNSJUMPER DAILY ONCE: https://www.sordum.org/downloads/?dns-jumper USE GOOGLE DNS OR CLOUDFLARE DNS ######MORE IMPORTANT SET UR LOCAL TIME CORRECT OR INTERRUPTION WILL OCCUR RANDOMLY##### ALWAYS SET REGION IF EU THEN EU EVEN IF US BASED PROVIDER I WONT ADVISE ANYWAYS IF YOU WISH THAT TIME TO VIA VPN SET ANY EU REGION IN NORD OR EXPRESS OR ANY I AM NOT AN ENDORSER OF ANY JUST EXPERIENCE AND TO GET YOUR LOVE BY EXPLORING NEW WAY OF DOWNLOADING HASSLE-FREE TEST MANY LOCATIONS AROUND TO GET MAX SPEED PROVIDER I MEAN GOOD PROVIER WHO PROMISES UNLIMITED UNCAPPED SPEED WILL SEND HIGH UPLINK ITS UPTO YOU TO GRAB IT DONT BEST VPN + BEST VPN LOCATION + SABNZBD YOU WILL LOVE IT THEN FINALLY JUMP TO NZBGEEK OR ANY PUBLIC NZB INDEXER GRAB A NZB FILE AND DRAG AND DROP TO SABZNBD THATS IT MAN YOU WILL ME AMAZED TO FEEL A NEW WAY DOWNLOADING 😎CONSTANT SPEED ALWAYS😎 BUT THERE WILL BE SOME FAILURES LIKE 🤕3 OF 10 RARELY VERY RARELY DUE TO BUYING ONLY ONE PROVIDER BEST TO BUY TWO PROVIDERS IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND EXPERIENCED WELL ENOUGH AND WANTED TO DOWNLODING DATA OLD DATA LIKE 5 YEARS BACK.. ONLY 😎HERE COMES THE FINAL AND AUTOMATION PART THE AWESOME PART EVER IN THIS TOPIC😎 TIRED OF VISITING EACH SITES LIKE PROXIES ,BLOCKED SITES, FORUMS, DDL SITES, MEMBERSHIP ,RATIOS GETTING COLLECTION OF TORRENTS OR RELEASES OF A SINGLE SEARCH TERM AND CLICKING 🖐️🖐️EACH BUTTON UNTIL YOUR FINGERS GO NUMB DONT WORRY GOODBYE TO ALL🖐️🖐️ TOOLS WE GONNA NEED NOW ALL LATEST 😎QBITORRENT [STABLE CAN HANDLE HIGH TORRENTS NO SHITS LIKE ADWARES ,MINERS] JACKETT https://github.com/Jackett/Jackett/releases/download/v0.18.531/Jackett.Binaries.Windows.zip SONARR https://sonarr.tv/ RADARR https://radarr.video/ NZBHYDRA2 https://github.com/theotherp/nzbhydra2/releases/download/v3.15.1/nzbhydra2-3.15.1-windows.zip GIT-SCMhttps://git-scm.com/ PYTHON LATEST -Vhttps://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.9.6/python-3.9.6-amd64.exe JUST DOWNLOAD ALL AND INSTALL STRAIGHT AWAY IN YOUR PC AND ALLOW IN YOUR FIREWALL THE PORTS AS PER THE NEEDS OF EACH APPLICATION TO ALLOW BOTH IN AND OUT EITHER BY YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE USING OR BY WINDOWS FIREWALL PORTS TO ALLOW 7878 ,8989 , 9117 , 8080 , 5076 FOR RADARR,SONARR,JACKETT,SABNZBD,NZBHYDRA2 ALSO FOR ROBUST ANTIVRUS ALLOW EACH APPLICATIONS CORRESPONDING .EXE FILES ALSO TO BE ALLOWED IN ANTIRUS FIREWALL AN MUST..... Install NZBHydra on Windows for universal usenet searching to replace NZBMegaSearch. NZBMegaSearch has come to a bit of a standstill despite mirabis attempt to provide fixes for Sonarr. theotherp has created an NZBMegaSearch replacement called NZBHydra which integrates with Sonarr, SickRage, CouchPotato and other automation software. If you use reverse proxies you will be happy to know that NZBHydra will work without any fuss unlike NZBMegaSearch. This NZBHydra tutorial will show you how to install NZBHydra on all Windows versions that can run Python: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Server editions like 2008 and 2012. I have included a Windows system service as well as a vbs script method to autostart NZBHydra. 💀HERE COMES LAST AND HARD PART CONFIGURING AUTOMATION💀 TORRENTS AND USENET AND TV SHOW AND MOVIES AND JACKETT AND RADARR AND SONARR AND SABNZBD AND QBITTORRENT 😍OK LETS START STEP BY STEP TO ACHIEVE ULTIMATE DOWNLOAD EXPERINCE EVER😍 INSTALL JACKETT FIRST ALLOW PORTS AND JACKETT.EXE IN FIREWALL OPEN IT AND GO TO TRAY ICON SIDE RIGHT SIDE OF TIME AND DATE SHOWING TASKBAR WHERE YOUR APPLICATIONS RUN IN BACKGROUND THERE WILL BE A BLACK JACKETT ICON SHOWING UP CLICK IT AND CLICK START BACKGROUND SERVICE AND WAIT 5 SEC AND AGAIN RIGHT CLICK IT AND CLICK SHOW WEB-UI TO AVOID THIS INSTALL ALL APPLICATIONS AS WINDOWS SERVICE SO IT RUNS ALWAYS IN BACKGROUND AND POPS UP WHEN CLICKED ON SHORTCUT DONT WORRY ALL THESE ARE OPEN-SOURCE UNTIL TODAY NO MINERS OR SHITS FOUND ON ANY USED BY MILLIONS GLOBALLY SAME GOES FOR RADARR AND SONARR BUT FOR NZBHYDRA2 ITS DIFFERENT JUST OPEN THE ZIP AND EXTRACT IT TO A DRIVE OTHER THAN C DRIVE NOW TIME FOR API KEYS YOU HAVE TO OBTAIN FROM YOUR PAGE OF YOUR NZBINDEXERS LIKE NZGPLANET OR NZBGEEK SAVE THIS API KEYS SAFELY ON UR PC AND USERNAME OPEN RADARR OR SONARR IT WILL OPEN IN WEB BROWSER LIKE IE OR EDGE MOSTLY ALSO WORKS ON OTHERS BROWSERS TO JUST COPY AND PASTE URL WITH PORTS LEFT SIDE MENU THEN INDEXERS AND BIG BLACK PLUS SYMBOL LIKE ADD NEW INDEXER NEWZNAB OPTION THEN PRESETS THERE WILL YOUR INDEXER HERE WE NZBGEEK FOR EXAMPLE JUST ENTER API KEY CORRECTLY AND ALL CATEGORIES YOU MAY NEED RADARR ONLY UNDERSTANDS MOVIE RELATED INDEXING AND AUTOMATION AND DOWNLOADING AND GRABBING TORRENTS OR NZB FILES TO BLACKHOLES SONARR ONLY UNDERSTANDS TV SHOW RELATED INDEXING AND AUTOMATION AND DOWNLOADING AND GRABBING TORRENTS OR NZB FILES TO BLACKHOLES FINALLY YOU CAN TEST SETTINGS THEN AND THERE AND CONFIRM IF ALL RIGGED PROPERLY MAINLY FIREWALL AN GREEN TICK COMES UP THATS IT FOR NZB NZB AUTOMATION FOR MOVIES AND TV SHOWS ARE DONE AS LONG AS YOUR INDEXER HAVE CONTENTS U GET MORE OPTIONS LIKE 720 OR 1080 OR UHD ETC MORE INDEXERS MORE CONTENTS AND SOURCES AND ARCHIVE THEN GO BACK TO MAIN AND ADD A MOVIE BY TYPING ON SEARCH AND SELECT IT WILL ASK FOR FOLDER LOCATION GIVE IT AND WAIT FOR MAGIC LEFT SIDE YOU WILL SYNCING BUTTION PROCESSING QUERIES BASED ON UR MOVIE AND INDEXES OUT ALL RELEASES FROM 200MB TO 50GB MAX AVAILABLE YOU CAN SEE DAYS ALSO CHOOSE LATEST TO AVOID FAILURES GO TO THAT ADDED MOVIE AND CHECK BELOW ITS POSTER SEARCH TAB WILL THERE JUST CLICK IT BOOM ALL RELEASES WILL BE THERE NOW FOR NZB'S PART INDEXER PROVIDE API EASILY WHAT ABOUT TORRENTING? ONLY RSS IS OUR HOPE THERE COMES THE ROLE OF JACKETT THE MASS API PROCESSOR OPEN THE JACKETT WEB UI , IT WILL OPEN IN WEB BROWSER LIKE IE OR EDGE MOSTLY ALSO WORKS ON OTHERS BROWSERS TO JUST COPY AND PASTE URL WITH PORTS ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER THERE WILL ADD INDEXER IN GREEN BUTTON CLICK SELECT PUBLIC TRACKERS TYPE ALSO THERE ARE PRIVATE IF U TRUST AND WISH ADD AS MUCH AS PUBLIC TACKERS 100 AROUND I THINK AND WAIT FOR 15MINS TO PROCESS DONT CLOSE AFTER THAT 1337 RARBG EX ALL WILL ACCESSED VIA MASTER API GIVEN BY JACKETT WHICH IS ON TOP OF ALL THREE GREEN BUTTONS ON HOME PAGE COPY THAT NOW THE STORY GONNA END OPEN NZBHYDRA2.EXE LIKE FROM E OR D DRIVE NOT C PLEASE THEN JUST CREATE A SHORTCUT AND USE ANYWHERE OPEN NZBHYDRA2 AND CONFIG AND INDEXERS AND FOR USENET SAME LIKE WE DID ON SONARR AND RADARR FOR TORRENTS YOU WILL BE AMAZED TORRENTS --INDEXERS--PRESETS=--JACKETT/CARDIGANN ENTER THE MASTER API GRABBED FROM TOP OF HOME PAGE OF JACKETT WEB UI CONSOLE ENTER IT AND ADD THATS IT BOOM ALL 100 SITES ARE SEARCHABLE AND ALL RESULTS WILL MASS SELECTED AND SEND TO QBITTORRENT VIA BLOCKHOLE CONCEPT AND AND SETTING A SMALL CONFIG ON QBITORRENT SIDE TO GRAB AND START TORRENTS AS IT PLACED ON TORRENT BLACKHOLE FOLDER CONCEPT ON HYDRA CONFIG PAGE ON DOWNLOADING LINK UP SABNZBD AS USENET DOWNLOADER AND IT WILL ASK FOR API KEY ITS PRESENT ON GENERAL PAGE CAN BE ACCESSED BY CLICKING ON TOP RIGHT CORNER GEAR ICON THERE WILL 2 API KEYS COPY FIRST ONE AND PUT IT ON HYDRA AND TEST THATS IT SEARCH AN USENET FROM RESULTS THERE WILL BE AN BUTTON TO SEND TO SABNZBD ON TOP OF RESULTS AFTER THAT ABOVE MENTIONED YOU CAN SEND 1 OR EVEN 1000NZB FILES TO SABNZBD BEAST DOWNLOADING WILL BE LIKE CHARM REGARDING TORRENT AUTOMATION VIA BLACKHOLE SETUP BLACKHOLES ON HYDRA CONFIG LIKE TO BE PRECISE HYDRA GRABS PULLS IN TO A PARTICULAR FOLDER ,THEN ASSIGN FOR NZB A SEPARATE FOLDER ,,,, TORRENT SEPARATE FOLDER NOW IF U MANUALLY WANT TO DRAG AND DROP THEN ALSO OR WANT TO GO IN PURE FULLY AUTOMATIC MODE BEAST MODE IN SABNZBD CONFIG PAGE SET THE SAME LOCATION FOR WATCH DIR OPTION THE FOLDER U SET ON HYDRA FOR NZB BLACKHOLE ,SO HYDRA PULLS NZBS HERE INTO THE LIKE D:NZBS AND WATCHDIR FOR SABNZBD ALSO D:NZBS SABNZBD CHECKS EVERY MINUTE U CAN CHANGE THAT TOP RIGHT CORNER AND AUTMATICALLY STARTS DOWNLOADING UNTIL LAST .NZB FILE EXHAUST AWAY NO INTERUPTIONS SAME GOES TO TORRENTING AUTOMATION D:TORRENTS IN HDYRA CONFIG THEN OPEN QBITORRENT SETTINGS GEAR ICON ---DOWNLOADS--AUTOMATICALLY ADD TORRENTS FROM ---CLICK ADD FOLDER-->>D:TORRENTS THATS IT END OF LONG SESSION CREDITS:GREYCODER.COM,USENETPROVIDERS.COM,DEVELOPERS OF ALL ABOVE MENTIONED PROJECTS SIMPLY OPEN-SOURCE MAKERS ALL OVER GLOBE SORRY IF ANY INFO WRONG DONT PUT HARSH COMMENTS I DIDNT POSTING ANY USENET AFFLIATED OR BIASING LINKS HOPING EVERYONE REWARD WITH YOUR POINTS OR ANY HD TRACKER INVITES OR PM ME YOUR OFFERINGS ALWAYS PM OR COMMENT BELOW LONG LIVE P2P SCENE USENET DO RESPECT DO LOVE DO CHERISH DO LIVE I GAVE MY LOVE ,U?😇 ALWAYS READ MANY REVIEWS AND CHECK BASED ON REGIONS MAY CHANGE DUE TO LOBBYING ETC
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