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  1. if you register staff got to check and confirm accounts now
  2. techno you been on my place before but got banned don't know a wolvestein
  3. our sign ups are still open come on take a look friendly bunch
  4. come on guys we are open for sign ups 🙂
  5. https://magic-heaven.info/signup.php Magic-Heaven is an excellent private community for general content. signups are very rare, only Sysop can sent invites. This tracker dont have a large members base, but has very friendly and active community and many quality torrents. but has and many torrents from all other general categories like music, tv episodes, games etc movies. Magic-Heaven still maintaining ratio is not a issue because has excellent bonus points system and for seeding torrents you got many bonus points and you can to exchange it for upload. Also has shoutbox and forum where members can to share knowledge and help to any member which need some help. seeding time is only 24 hours thats there site rules ,they are always looking for uploaders and djs All in all, Magic-Heaven is more then a tracker, it's a small magical community.
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