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    1. Temporarily re-opened for signups.
    2. Well, it's that time of year again, January 18th & we're all here to celebrate the birth of the best torrent site in this part of the galaxy: Speed.CD. Created on January 18th 2008 by two well respected members of staff, we've grown & come a long way over the years. Many of us have made good friends & possibly some enemies along the way, but throughout it all, we've all stuck together to make this place great. Please join us in thanking our Staff, from our Speeders all the way up to Controllers & the Code Monkey for all of the work they have done to create such a special place
    3. Tracker Name: HDQueen Genre: HD Signup Link: http://hdqueen.com/signup.php Additional information: Site language is English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese Additional information: Site emphasis is on internal portable devices as well as mainstream encodes Additional information: Temporarily opened for signups
    4. Temporarily re-opened for signups.
    5. A new wave of seedboxes has been added to the Seedbox Area! You can view an updated plan list in the forums. We currently accept BitCoins by default and Paypal as a special permission, if you can only use Paypal please contact jasonmaster, thanks!
    6. We have upgrade plans afoot for our home from home to make things a little nicer for you to get the favorites that you seek. We have been testing a new site script for a month or so now and the guys have done well familiarizing their selves with it. This wont be a massive change from the norm and it will still be a TS script. With the upgrade comes other issues we are trying to over come one of which is the bot that we mass upload things for you. The current one we have is not compatible with the new script and we are drawing blanks it getting it modified to work, this is the only thing h
    7. In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live, VH1 Classics is doing a marathon of the entire run of the show, starting with the last season and counting down to season 1. This might be a good chance to get a bunch of episodes we don't have or currently aren't available in good form online. It would be awesome to have some cappers volunteer to help with this job. I know our fellow 'spleeners would appreciate it.
    8. We are currently looking for coders with experience in MySQL and PHP who have some free time they could give to the site: if you are interested please pm rickandmary, thanks!
    9. Film: Cinema of the Weimar Republic redux And as usual, all English subtitles created specifically for this MoM will receive double the system bonus for the duration of this MoM. For more info see the MoM page. Music: Music of the Weimar Republic Literature: Literature of the Weimar Republic
    10. Temporarily re-opened for signups, invitation code; TL10YEARS
    11. Original; ~8000 felhasználót töröltünk az oldalról inaktivitás miatt. Google Translate; ~ 8000 users have been deleted from the site due to inactivity.
    12. Closed thread as this giveaway ended.
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