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    2. Aptoide Removes ‘Popcorn Time’ and ‘Showbox’ Apps Following Piracy Lawsuit Aptoide, an alternative marketplace for Android apps, has removed the popular Popcorn Time and Showbox listings from its repository. The company hasn't commented on its decision, but it follows not long after a lawsuit accused the marketplace of encouraging copyright infringement through these apps. Aptoide is a third-party alternative to Google’s official Play Store. Among other things, it allows users to install a variety of apps on their Android devices. The marketplace, which is operated from Portugal
    3. DISH Sues Hosting Company & ‘Pirate’ IPTV Customer US-based broadcaster DISH Networks is suing yet another IPTV provider in the United States, but with a twist. In a lawsuit filed at a Delaware federal court, DISH claims that East IPTV illegally retransmits its channels via the Internet. However, the broadcaster is also suing East's hosting provider, for failing to respond to numerous takedown demands. Broadcaster DISH Networks is emerging as one of the most litigious companies in the world when it comes to tackling unlicensed IPTV providers. A lawsuit filed this week in a D
    4. Judge Denies $10K Default Judgment Against Alleged Pirate Adult entertainment company Malibu Media recently requested a default judgment of more than $10,000 against an alleged pirate. While the accused man didn't put up a defense, a federal court in New Jersey denied the request, noting that an IP-address alone is not sufficient evidence. In recent years, file-sharers around the world have been pressured to pay significant settlement fees, or face legal repercussions. As the most active copyright litigant in the United States, adult entertainment outfit Malibu Media has been on
    5. [h=2] Redemption.pw News [/h] Next Happy Hour Starts Saturday 13th July 2019 at 10:21 am
    6. [h=2] EfectoDoppler News [/h] Google Translation: You can still vote for the best peak of the month of JUNE. Participate! Become a community! Share your tastes! Congratulate your favorite uploaders! Make your picks in the forum here
    7. [h=2] Bit-HDTV News - Connectivity issues [/h] Connectivity issues due to bad SSL certificate.
    8. [h=2] TOrrent-tuRK News - New URL [/h] Site has a new URL: https://torrent-turk.com
    9. [h=2] The Vipers Nest News [/h] CrazyHour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 09:56:37
    10. Google Translation: Maintenance work on the source Dear Users, We will do a maintenance work on the server and source on 13.07. In the time of 9.00 - 10.00 clock the tracker area is locked. Stay in the Leech and Seed. Greetings // Staff Update: Maintenance is complete
    11. Team-HuSh News Service Unavailable! Currently Updating
    12. Google Translation: Quiz today Tonight at 7:15 pm on July 13, 2019, there will be a quiz on the site, the theme will be: Hungarian bands We are waiting for everyone with much love. Quiz leader: N******
    13. LosslessClub News - Freeleech Google Translation: Freeleech 24-hour freeleech from S*****!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 hours 37 minutes 19 seconds Freeleech
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