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    1. XTHOR | XT | General | 2018 Review ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tracker Name XTHor Tracker URL https://xthor.to/ Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup
    2. PiratHub | PH | General | 2018 Review Tracker Name PiratHub Tracker URL http://pirathub.ws/ Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System No Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker Signup Closed / Only with invite from the Staff member
    3. TV-Vault.me has global Freeleech.
    4. Open for free signup: https://www.joyhd.net/signup_eng.php
    5. Invitations: The invitations are now closed for an indefinite period. Staff SSDB
    6. HDCMCT has Global freeleech for 2 days.
    7. Hello @Verge I want to apply for Goem invite for my personal use. Thanks in advance. ... ...
    8. parlok


      Hello I want invite or account from this Hungarian tracker: http://teracod.net If you have tell me for free or for trade.
    9. From now the SUB can be reached via the domain: https://subtracker.cc We do not have much time to left the old domain, so it makes quickly. From today it's over again, with the only upload... Subtracker: https://subtracker.cc/
    10. Hello, always is better to evolve The Saloon, a brand new module was created to have a fun. We named this module, The Gold Mine, this module is located in the left part, between your menu and the torrent of the week. While going into the gold mine, you can contribute to give gold coins, and when the total amount of the mine is reached, the Saloon will go into FreeLeech for 24 hours. Many thanks to AcidQc for the work done, and thanks to EvD666 and Tylert for the images and animations. P.S .: The total amount to be achieved is subject to change.
    11. Genre: General Signup link: https://gigatorrents.ws/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Gigatorrents.ws is - general Hungarian private tracker, who has very active community with 26,216 users and 17112 torrents for now.
    12. You can not to accept further messages until you clear some space..Clear your inbox, mate.

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