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  1. 2x NewPropaganda invites 1-post here. 2-push thanks 3-Add feedback after you receive the invite 4-no PM i will chose
  2. HAVE: HDSky, u2.dhmy.org, BTGigs, Bitvaulttorrent,Redacted.ch,Ethor, Baconbits, Bitgamer,TNT,IPTorrents WANT: Karagarga, AwesomeHD, Empornium.....or good offer!!
  3. Great german Side, but you need invitecode!!!!
  4. great giveaway!!! I want to apply for exigo!! THX!!!
  5. What you want or need for the awesome-hd invite???
  6. Great Giveaway!!! I apply for an filelist account!!! Like + REP!! THX!!!!
  7. I wanna trade with him: BTGigs account for an Redacted invite. I go first and send him the dates for the BTGigs account!!! After that it came nothing back from Techtalk!!!!! He stolen me my BTGigs account!! Thats his answer; Bye bye i don't send you anything hahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah SCAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!Nothing else!!!!!!!
  8. scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. TTG and Open.cd up and works!!!
  10. Orpheus (ex apollo) invite
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