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  1. Hi, I have 1x HD4free invite available. Apply here Add Like + Thanks + Rep Wait for PM I will ask for proofs
  2. Hi @GODFATHER I would like to apply ! Thanks a lot :D
  3. Hi, I have 1x Bluetigers invite available. Apply here Add Like + Tanks + Rep Wait for PM I will ask for proofs :o
  4. Oh yes you're right. I was thinking it was back cause I was able to create an invite code. Sorry, if someone can delete my post. I will propose it again when it will reopen :)
  5. Hi, I have 1x Invite available for the-revival.co.uk. Apply here & wait for PM I will ask for proof :cool:
  6. Oh @Taz I heard a lot about this tracker. If still available, I apply :) Thx
  7. albatar


    Thx man for the giveaway. I would like to apply for pretome :D
  8. I just downloaded the last Lightroom version. Previously I was using Photoshop :)
  9. I've completed all the solo campains of call of duty and all the GTA, except GTA V ^^
  10. I ! I've just move from seedboxes.cc to seedhost.eu and I'm really happy about the service. The speed are better and plans are less expensive, even if some features are not included (like Plex) I'm using the SH6 plan for 12€/month, 550gb of hdd and 4Tb of traffic. Name: Seedhost.eu Speed: 10gbits/10gbits Support: not tested GUI:Rtorrent Package: 550gb/10gbits/s/4 tb/month Price: 12€ Overall rating: 10/10 Access: FTP, FTP+SSL, HTTP and sFTP List of available plugin: Transmission + WebUI Deluge + Deluge WebUI SSH access OpenVPN account autodl-irssi SABnzbd Rapidleech BitTorrent Sync Maketorrent WebUI Subsonic ZNC Sickrage/Sickbeard Couchpotato Madsonic Pydio NZBGet Squid proxy server Custom control panel Possibility to make additional FTP accounts You can find more details and order online here: http://www.seedhost.eu/seedboxes.php
  11. What an amazing giveaway ! Happy birthday !! I wish a really long life to TiZ :) I would like to apply for the gift n°11, SceneAccess :) :) Many thx to the TiZ staff and you Godfather
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