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  1. Desperately need an AnimeByt.es invite or buffered account. Maybe BakaBT but I'm sure that's already posted in one of these threads somewhere, but AnimeBytes is top priority.
  2. Well, it was a good thing I didn't buy from Philken last month; would've been the next victim scammed.
  3. It would be so good if animetorrents.me was added. For people that're wanting asiandvdclub, it's best to wait, as adc has been down for 2 months and almost close to month #3 due to unpaid bills.
  4. I don't use Firefox (still use their alternatives Cyberfox and Waterfox which uses less RAM and resources than their main). All Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Torch, Kizna, Chromium) are just memory heavy if you have a PC with 16GBs of RAM and less and also crash a lot, so I recommend getting a mobo with 32-64GB RAM availability.
  5. Been a long time but yeah people should use his services....fast, trustworthy, and legit. May going to buy Cartoonchaos account whenever I get paid soon.
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