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    1. Tracker's Name: Central Torrent Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://central-torrent.eu/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Central Torrent is a Polish Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / Music Releases.
    2. Anthelion News Freeleech Pool Tipped! ***** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film(s) have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Here Thanks to users who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
    3. HDStreet News The website is experiencing downtime due to database issues.
    4. Torrent Sector Crew (TSCTracker) News Google Translation: Hello community, TSC turns 12 on July 17th, 2020! In 12 years there was a lot going on, there was laughing, crying, arguing, many came and went and yet we are still there. After all these years, TSC has gained a good place among German trackers, even if it wasn't always easy. We would like to thank all members, team learners, TSC friends etc. who have accompanied and supported us over the years. 1000x Thank you Thank you Thank you! As a small thank you, we will switch from 17.07.2020 to 31.07.2020 to o
    5. Lesaloonv2-0 News Google Translation: The chariots of the Gold Mine are full! Freeleech for all until 2020-07-11 13:01:56, Quebec time.
    6. Magico News Google Translation: OUR SITE IS IN FREELEECH MODE (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday until 6/9/2020)
    7. RevolutionTT (RevTT) News Server is down
    8. Orpheus.network News Site is experiencing connectivity issues due to invalid SSL certificate.
    9. Libtorrent Adds WebTorrent Support, Expanding the Reach of Browser Torrenting Libtorrent has bridged the gap between WebTorrent and traditional torrent clients. The open-source BitTorrent library, used by clients including Deluge, qBittorrent, rTorrent and Tribler, will help to widely expand the reach of browser-based WebTorrent tools and services. When the BitTorrent protocol was first made public almost two decades ago, it was only supported by desktop apps. As time went by, people started to do more from their web browsers, including downloading and streaming, but support for
    10. EU Court: YouTube Not Required to Share Email and IP-Addresses of Movie Pirates A judgment handed down by the EU Court of Justice this morning has found that online platforms, including YouTube, do not have to hand over the email addresses, IP addresses, or telephone numbers of alleged pirates following a request from copyright holders. The 'address' referenced in the Copyright Directive relates to postal addresses only. YouTube’s millions of users upload staggering amounts of content to the site every day and while most of it doesn’t present any issues, some of that material inevita
    11. GitHub Removes ‘Chimera13’ iOS Jailbreak After DMCA Notice from ‘Unc0ver’ Jailbreaking tools are generally protected from copyright infringement claims through a DMCA exemption. This week, however, GitHub removed the Chimera13 jailbreak code. The takedown notice, which is disputed, doesn't come from Apple though, but was sent by the rival jailbreak solution Unc0ver. Apple’s iOS devices are part of a closed ecosystem that doesn’t allow much tinkering and keeps unvetted apps out. This works well for the vast majority of people but for those who demand more, jailbreaking is always
    12. eStone News Google Translation: Formula One racing Game! Dear User You can submit your bets for the Stájer Grand Prix! http://kepcsaszar.hu/image?id=361859&.jpg More here By eStone Staff
    13. SceneTime News Need staff now Looking for edit staff You need to give us 30 min a day In return you get Iptv/Vod for free You also get credit for every edit, that's gig's N**** buys drinks every weekend Pm Staff
    14. Global Pirate Site Traffic Drops to New Low After COVID-19 Peak When governments began to implement lockdown measures to hamper the spread of COVID-19, hundreds of millions of people were asked to stay at home. This resulted in a piracy peak. While some thought that this increase could be permanent, global traffic to pirate sites has already dropped and is now at a new low. When the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread across the globe this year, there were noticeable changes in Internet traffic patterns. Internet usage went up overall, with YouTube being the big winner. However,
    15. ISP Ordered to Hand Over Pirates’ Details After Cracked Software ‘Phoned Home’ Alleged pirates who installed cracked copies of expensive Siemens CAD tools on their computers are facing potentially huge settlement demands after the software "phoned home" informing the company of the illicit use. The Australian Federal Court has ordered ISP Telstra to hand over the personal details of the suspected infringers. Reports of movie companies tracking down alleged pirates in order to extract cash settlements are commonplace today. After IP addresses are monitored in BitTorrent swarms, c
    16. Elite-Tracker News Site is down. The server is not responding.
    17. FullMixMusic News The site is experiencing issues, as torrent pages and other stats fail to load for several hours now.
    18. BitHorlo News Google Translation: Dog beauty contest Dear users! By popular demand we organize a dog beauty competition Take a good photo of your favorite pet and name it. Upload it at an image host and post the link. Find out all the details and the prizes on this thread We are waiting for the images here! Deadline for entries: July 11, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. If at least 5 of a variety are submitted, we will open a new topic Submit a direct link to the image! (.jpg, .png ending) Recommended image upload sites: https://kepkuldes.com/ https://imgur.c
    19. CHDBits News Google Translation: CHD technical team recruitment announcement Personnel status. For details, please move to the next step. You can find out about the technical positions we are recruiting on this thread. Looking forward to the people of insight to join us and contribute to this big family! Interested parties can directly reply to this information.
    20. Torrentz2.eu Domain Suspended by Registry on Public Prosecutor’s Order The popular torrent meta-search engine Torrentz2 is no longer accessible through its main .eu domain name. The domain was suspended by the EURid registry pending an investigation, triggered by a Public Prosecutor's order. Torrentz2, meanwhile, continues to be accessible through its alternative .is domain. With millions of visitors per day, Torrentz2 is the most-used torrent meta-search engine on the Internet. Torrentz2 took over from the original Torrentz site, which closed its doors during the summer of 2016
    21. Amazon Profits From Pirate IPTV So Can’t Sue Pirate IPTV Provider, Court Hears In April, a coalition of entertainment companies headed up by Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Disney and Amazon sued 'pirate' IPTV provider Nitro TV. In an answer to the complaint, Nitro's operator states that since Amazon profits from sales of 'pirate' IPTV packages on its platform, the action should be barred. Early April, companies owned by Columbia, Amazon, Disney, Paramount, Warner, and Universal filed a lawsuit in a California district court targeting ‘pirate’ IPTV provider Nitro TV and alleged opera
    22. CHDBits News Google Translation: CHD technical team recruitment announcement Personnel status. For details, please move to the next step. You can find out about the technical positions we are recruiting on this thread. Looking forward to the people of insight to join us and contribute to this big family! Interested parties can directly reply to this information.
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