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    1. They take interviews. Try to get in through interview.
    2. https://www.myanonamouse.net/
    3. For those who are wondering what is new domain name. New domain name: https://lemonhd.org/
    4. 网站已更换域名,请通过您的朋友或者加入QQ群(951644936)获取最新地址,此通知延续到2021年1月1日。 The domain of the website has been changed. Please obtain the latest address through your friends or join the QQ group (951644936). This notice will be displayed until January 1, 2021.
    5. Tracker Name:https://www.scenetime.com/ Genre: General Signup Link: https://www.scenetime.com/login.php Closing Date: Soon Tracker Review: http://torrentinvitez.com/showthread.php?43947-SceneTime-ST-General-2018-Review Additional information: SceneTime (ST) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General Releases.
    6. It is an Indian site for regional releases.
    7. morethantv has currently no torrents as they are working on their site
    8. Working on new theme and bonus points.
    9. If any user has some problem on site then can contact me.
    10. If any user faces problem in signup then use Firefox as currently there is some problem with Chrome which will be resolved soon.
    11. bwtorrents is open for signups. https://bwtorrents.tv/signup.php
    12. bwtorrents is coming online Great news for torrents users specially desi users. bwtorrents is coming online. Yes you read it right.....bwt is coming online... bwtorrents which was one of the best desi torrent site in past is coming online. Many users already knew that soon bwt will come online so they should be glad that their wait is over now. bwtorrents is coming online with new, fresh design and a lot of new features. This time it is aiming for desi and nondesi both users so Hollywood torrents will also be there for nondesi users.
    13. Gave extra time to users who couldn't apply. Now only few hours left.
    14. Desitorrents application signup is open for 2 days. https://desitorrents.tv/
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