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  1. If any user faces problem in signup then use Firefox as currently there is some problem with Chrome which will be resolved soon.
  2. bwtorrents is open for signups. https://bwtorrents.tv/signup.php
  3. bwtorrents is coming online Great news for torrents users specially desi users. bwtorrents is coming online. Yes you read it right.....bwt is coming online... bwtorrents which was one of the best desi torrent site in past is coming online. Many users already knew that soon bwt will come online so they should be glad that their wait is over now. bwtorrents is coming online with new, fresh design and a lot of new features. This time it is aiming for desi and nondesi both users so Hollywood torrents will also be there for nondesi users. Site has completely new look and new feel. So be ready to join the site and once again make it one of the best torrent site. New domain for bwt is: bwtorrents.tv
  4. Gave extra time to users who couldn't apply. Now only few hours left.
  5. Desitorrents application signup is open for 2 days. https://desitorrents.tv/
  6. Desitorrents Opening Application Signups on Diwali Desitorrents is celebrating Diwali and on this occasion is opening application signup for users who want to join this great torrent sharing site. Those who were eager to join desitorrents or those who were old members of desitorrents and couldn't login to site can now join it again by informing there. So buckle up guys your wait is over. You can join this awesome site now. Signup application will open on https://desitorrents.tv/ at 6 pm UTC. Enjoy torrenting with No. 1 desi torrent site.
  7. I posted review you can check now :)
  8. Bit-HDTV | BHDTV | HD | 2018 Review Tracker Name: Bit-HDTV (BHDTV) Tracker URL: https://www.bit-hdtv.com/ Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Type: Ratio based Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus: Yes Tracker Signup: Invite only Description: Bit-HDTV is HD torrent site for tv and movies both. It is tracker new series and movies are uploaded regularly and users get good speeds due to usage of seedboxes. Users get bonus points on seeding torrents and can exchange those points with upload. These bonus points can also be used to get invitation. Maintaining ratio is quite easy because there are freeleech and 2x upload torrents on site. Downloading and seeding these torrents help increase ratio. For improving ratio user must keep in mind that: Torrents older than 10 days, which have less than 3 seeders and are not in XXX category always becomes 2x up (Upload is counted 2x) Yellow torrents are freeleech, which means that the download amount won't be counted for you, but your upload will. The green torrents are free to download as well, but will count the upload 2x, meaning if you upload 1 GB on such a torrent, in your stats on the site it will be counted as 2 GB uploaded. The grey torrents are 2x up as well, but the download is counted, just like with every normal non-colored torrent. This is a good HD tracker and is recommended. Login Page: Home Page: Torrents and Categories: Forum: Rules: FAQ: User Classes: Bonus: IRC: Donate: Statistics: Rating: Pre-Time -/10 Speed 7/10 Content 8/10 Community 7/10 OverAll 7.5/10
  9. Good news for those who want to join DesiTorrents: DesiTorrents -- number one desi site, is opening its doors for people and those who are eager to join can avail this opputunity. Registration will be open on Diwali.
  10. Good review bro but ratings a bit high.
  11. Tracker and website will be suspended on 23:00 05Sep2018 for system upgrade. The process takes around 3 to 4 hours. Pls note.
  12. I think you have given high rates to this tracker. 7 rate is high for this tracker. Not that much content.
  13. TorrentDay | TD | General | 2018 Review Tracker Name: TorrentDay (TD) Tracker URL: https://www.torrentday.com/ Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus: Yes Tracker Signup: Invite only Tracker Irc: irc.torrentday.com port 6667 or +6697 for SSL Channel: #td.announce Channel: #td.announce2 for UK Description: Torrentday is a very good general tracker. It is sister site of iptorrents and is pretty good. If a user is not on ipt then it is a good place to join in. They have good content and new content is added very fast. Speed are very good. If a user wants a general tracker to join then this is one tracker to consider. There are a lot of active members and new contents are added fast with good speeds. Ratio building is easy as can seed easily and also can get seed points that can be exchanged for upload credit. Other thing is there are a lot of freeleech torrents and by downloading and seeding those torrents ratio can be built easily. Site's interface is nice and easy and to search content is also easy. Users can check movies by opening Movies page or just Tv content by opening Tv page. Getting to this site is also not that difficult. Invites are given to upper class every month. This site is highly recommended to be joined. Login: Main Page: Torrents Page: Same as Main Page. Movies: Tv: Requests: Top 15: Bonus: Forum: Rules: FAQ: Jokes: User Classes: Donate: Ratings: Pre-Time 9/10 Speed 9/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Over All 9/10
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