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  1. Seller analysis: Seller rating : 9/10 Accepted payment method : 10/10 - He accepts Points aswell, and crypto. I see no paypal, but paypal is shit anyway. So rating remains 10/10. Warranty : 10/10 (lifetime) Prices : 9/10 (some are low prices, some are medium, some are medium to high) - overral good prices. Stock : 8/10 (I don't know how many he has, but I don't think he has too much) Reflects prices : 10/10 Quantity of available trackers 8/10. (Not a very big stock) - maybe he will add more in the future Time in torrent world : 8+ years (10/10) Good luck selling! Will provide further analysis another time.
  2. Thevault.click went out of stock, it will be in stock maybe in the near future, not sure, wait 1-7 days. If not in stock by then, I'm not sure.
  3. Don't steal reviews, don't steal pics, don't steal description! I warn you. Keep them original and real. And made on spot.
  4. Points owed by @bit01 - 22,500 (Account purchase, delayed on-wait payment)
  5. I am going to reward any tracker review that is made for 2020, for absolutely any tracker. Reward is : 2500 Points. They must not be duplicate or made by others for the 2020 period. It can be absolutely any tracker. Warning ---> This is a contest : The points from contest cannot be exhanged into BTC. Only can be used internally on the forum. Post here what you did so I can reward it. All reviews must be approved by administrator @Amias If he doesn't approve it, no reward. They must be high quality, original, unique, not copy pasted from anywhere, and made on spot.
  6. @Amias received 500,000 points that means his balance on #1 has been increased.
  7. You have 10k Points, buy it. Rule changed to 5k Points.
  8. This is a VIP giveaway only. Apply again, get banned.
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