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  1. Sent in PM. (Account)
  2. @Bulled what are you doing? Are you going to continue the giveaway or not? Should I close/trash it or not? Let me know.
  3. @Reto - Rewarded - 340 Points - 95 Content Count (20 Points / Post) from now on on this kind of useful information.
  4. Update 8/9/2020 Added: Tracker Link Price Normal account availability Buffered account availability Invite availability Stock Quantitiy availability Demand Review finelite.org 3$ Available Available(10TB+) Unavailable Low Low finelite.org
  5. PM me your e-mail to send you the invite.
  6. You have the Points required to get it with Points. You must purchase it with Points. PM me that you want to buy elbitz.net with Points.
  7. If you break the giveaway rules you will be permanently banned.
  8. Request promotion to level 2: Write this in this thread: I will not scam, I will not spam, I will not spam via PM/chatbox or anything like that, I understand I will get banned, and if this happens often the promotion system will be closed permanently if this happens, and then everyone will have to advance to level 2 the normal hard way, I will follow all the giveaway rules too! Let me know if you want to be Level 2. Post in this thread.
  9. Level 1 members are very limited on what they can do. 3 Posts per day Limited access to private messaging system. Blocked on chatbox.
  10. 7 members have been informed about a tracker they were asking about. I'm not disclosing which members are those, or what trackers they asked about. I edited your post and sent you a PM. Awaiting your answer if you still need it.
  11. For every 100$ Paid in the 1st selling thread you advance 1 Level as Trusted. For every 100k Points purchased you advance 1 Level as Trusted. They can be directly purchased from the shop. (Each level) To start selling on this forum you need to be Level 1 Trusted. Level 1 Trusted Price : 100k Points (10% Discount in the official selling thread) Level 2 Trusted Price : 200k Points (15% Discount in the official selling thread) Level 3 Trusted Price : 300k Points (20% Discount in the official selling thread) Level 4 Trusted Price : 400k Points (25% Discount in the official selling thread) Level 5 Trusted Price : 500k Points (30% Discount in the official selling thread)
  12. Rules changed : 1 Request per 6 months. Thread closed and unfillable.
  13. newbies should had backup data!
  14. Welcome to TorrentInvitez.com! Enjoy your stay. If you need any help at all please don't hesitate to contact me via private message.
  15. Change : All Points purchased in the past will be cumulated and you will get free points based on the packages.
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