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  1. good offers like: emp, karagarga, its, omgwtf, torrent-syndicat stuff like that
  2. I am selling animebytes.tv account for 50$ with Points and they must be bought on spot from Rendition (anyone who had Points before and did not buy them recently with BTC from Rendition it's not possible) Account have over 1 TB and come with registered mail.
  3. i have animebytes account with big buffer and mail, few years old want very good offer
  4. have thegeeks, mtv want IDE idontexist
  5. have that too i am sorry i´m looking for: invite or acc+mail lesaloon theplace tvchaos springsunday
  6. have this Mythical but thanks
  7. eff

    king1714 is scammer

    we "trade", i go first, send him very old account in return for invite first, i give him ProtonMail, invite didnt come, for a long time then i kindly ask him that he delete that invite and send me to Gmail address guess what, that invite didnt come just like one on ProtonMail what he do is, edit screen in photoshop, that look like he send it, and then send me "proof", ridiculous i cant believe people still doing scam bullshit, disaster, its just fuckin invite, something that is not important in real life, like been honest
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