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  1. Grand Canyon is a great choice, been there a few times. Though I would recommend do not travel there alone, because it's too risky even if you going to stick with well-known trails. Also even if you planning to visit it again having a packing list like this https://cleverwander.com/p/grand-canyon-backpacking-list/ would come in handy I think.
  2. I'm a fan of motorcycles and thus I love moto racing. MotoGP, superbike, motocross, enduro, you name it, I love everything related to bikes. By the way, I have two Honda bikes in my garage: a vintage CB 750 and modern CB 1000R. Both are in a great shape, recently installed new batteries on both thanks to this page https://yourmotobro.com/. I'm planning to do a test drive this weekend with my son. Wish me luck!
  3. Okay, that's a very easy question. I have a breakfast, drink my coffee then I go and check a lawn in front of my house. I recently moved to a big house and now I can afford myself to have a lawn. I even got myself a fancy lawn mover thanks to the reviews here. Only then I start checking my mail and social networks.
  4. I don't really know nowadays.
  5. I would like to visit Vietnam. Da Nang is the fourth largest city of this country and it is very beautiful. In this province there is the longest cableway of that country. The Marble Mountains are awesome and golden beaches are clean and beautiful. The only trouble is mosquitoes it will not stop me if I'll have an opportunity to visit Da Nang.
  6. Minecraft. The best sandbox ever
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