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    1. well it looks like no confimation email yet
    2. thin lizzy live and dangerous
    3. mettalica s+m 2 awesome if you like rock music
    4. hi all been on a few times have made a couple of posts hope all is well with u all
    5. we are currently looking for staff and uploaders pop in say hi thank you
    6. new site general private tracker https://tazmania-den.net/ doors are open pop in say hi we are looking for staff Advanced Statistics Torrents Tracking: 98 torrents New Today: 2 Seeders: 197 Leechers: 1 Peers: 198 Downloaded: 388.66 GB Uploaded: 4.33 TB Member List We Have: 334 members New Today: 7 Visitors Today: 42 Online Total online: 11 Member List: 7 Guests Online: 4 Comments Posted: 6 Male: 308 Female: 25 Messages Sent : 5
    7. tazmania-den.net is a new site We are looking for uploaders also staff who will upload too Theres no closing date We are a friendy site we like to be different from the rest of the torrent sites out there Pop in our Shoutbox have a good chat it evens give you SeedBonus 500bp Do not ask to be a uploader or staff if your not going to help the site out
    8. wll we getting new members dailiy still need uploaders why not pop in
    9. more and more being added we are looking for staff and uploaders power user can upload if you hggot a seedbox thats a great help thank you
    10. members slowly signing up plenty of stuff going up we are a pirvate tracker pop in we are a friendly site thanks
    11. hi all were still open why not pop in and check us out
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