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  1. You already have U2.dmhy Please Rendition don't provide him
  2. If I make 20 Invites like that, Idiot Your invites are low level and meaningless @Neo GTFO simply buy from @Rendition don't show cheappy stuff here
  3. We don't need your invites All of your invites are low level some are even open sign up trackers GTFO @Rendiion please don't give him any tracker he is cheater and low level person
  4. You are really bad guy You provide low level trackers for invites Lastfiles is open for sign up DataScene is open for sign up Please admin don't provide him any tracker He is liar, cheap type of guy @Rendition please reject this guy He is giving invites of open trackers or very very low level Please reject him and don't give him any tracker This is reality of Neo guy
  5. @Ronin Boss May be not invited you on BitSpyder, Because due to you scammer guy He last time invited you on PTP free of cost, but you do not follow the rules of PTP and got disabled Idiot. I talk to him now and show your profile lol.... He noted down your IP as well, Now get ready for global ban Please on Tiz Don't deal with @SILS and @Derik3 and @Invitetrack these are all the same persons
  6. Yes Philken is right This person trys to scam me on Animebytes invite on other forum, He is cheaper why did you deal with This person @Ronin Boss is Credible person, I know him, I traded 5 times with him he is genuine But Ronin Boss can't join this site I mean Tiz He is more busy Anyway, SILS I know scams Philken
  7. @Derik3 and @InviteTrack and @SILS are the scammers These three accounts are dupe
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