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  1. Thx sudarkodi, It is nice to hear that :) Br, Z
  2. shaerafghan & niwejan655, You guys need to give like & rep first on all threads you are interested! Then send me at least 3x of your best ratio proofs and 1x seedbox/speedtest proof (without modifying taken screenshots, with date & time on windows taskbar). Good luck, @Zvitorepec
  3. Hi @Sheppard22, I would like to have it :) Thx & br, @Zvitorepec
  4. @Rendition hi, I apply for greek-team.cc because I'm looking new tutors for my business ;) If you don't have ti anymore, I would also be grateful for something from my list below: - filelist.ro - myanonamouse.net - orpheus.network - pornbits.net Thx for really nice share anyway & br, Z :good2:
  5. To Apply You Must ** Like and rep this post ** Do not PM me, I will PM you ** Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me @Zvitorepec ** Have 3 x ratio proofs and 1 x speedtest/seedbox proof ** Please take all this proofs-screenshots with yours TorrentInvitez profile & system date on it ** Be an active member of the TorrentInvitez community ** Members with higher reputation and feedbacks will be given priority ** Leave a positive feedback if you receive an invite ** I will Announce the Winners on my own time ** Please do not apply if you are a trader/collector or have been banned. Invite is for personal use ONLY If you are a winner, on receiving the invite you need to register & DO NOT use the same username as on TorrentInvitez. ::: How To Add Feedback ::: WINNERS: BitPorn:
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