IT IS the half-year assessment again, which runs from May 15 till June 15, 2014.

a) Rules:

1) Target: members between "Peasant" and "Insane User" class (both inclusive) whom registered before 1/1/2014.

2) Period: from 15/5/2014 12am till 15/7/2013 11:59pm (61 days), all time in GMT +8.

3) Requirement:

i) increase upload amount by 80GB
ii) increase download amount by 80GB (excluding promotional/free/discount torrent)
iii) increase bonus point by 8000 point.
iv) Se./Le. Time Ratio (SLTR): 10 and above.

* You should meet and maintain these four criteria till the end of assessment period.

4) Members not affected by this assessment:

i) donors,
ii) "Veteran user" class and above.

b) Remarks:

1) You're required to go thru and fulfill the assessment's requirement if there's a "progress indicator" on the main page of the site.

2) Parked account is NOT exempted from the assessment. You're required to unpark and join the assessment if you meet the criteria.

3) Those "eligible" for this round of assessment will not be able to utilise your bonus point, either exchange for uploads or send/receive as gift.

c) CHDBits admin team reserves the right of final interpretation of all the rules of this assessment.