The site freeleech will be extended with 2 more days since we reach 50 000 peers. Like we promise.
Another thing, when we reach 11 500 active torrents we will give you 5 days site freeleech, so its up to you when we will have 5 days site freeleech. Seed more.

Another thing that the next week there will be a contest with winning prize which will be permanent VIP and a lot of gb's of upload. So stay tuned.

HD-Space is always looking for encoders and remuxers to become our internals, so we can provide to our great commutiny something unique. If you want to become our internal, please contact the staff via PM or Helpdesk.

Last thing. Dont forget to support us,because we really need your help. Yeah, we have a problems with paypal,but still you can donate with them. We have a backup account, so if you want to donate, write us in the helpdesk and we will give you future instructions.

Thank you for your time and for staying with us!
Truly yours,
HD-Space Staff