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    XBTMusic.org (Pedro's BTMusic)

    Tracker Name: XBTMusic (Pedro's BTMusic)

    Genre: Music

    Sign-up Link: https://xbtmusic.org/account-signup.php

    Closing Date: 31/05/2014

    Additional Information: FLAC Music Tracker

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    after signup we receive a confirmation email.Even after confirmation yu cannot use the site.The accouunt will be confirmed manually by the staff and it may take days.

    Thats what they say...

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    under your mums bed.
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    im guessing the want more donations, make sure your not from a banned country

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    Quote Originally Posted by eRiCA View Post
    after signup we receive a confirmation email.Even after confirmation yu cannot use the site.The accouunt will be confirmed manually by the staff and it may take days.

    Thats what they say...
    The case is same for me, lets waitand see bro. they've specified that it might take a week :-/

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    i got this from another forum saying about open signups for xbtmusic

    (xbtmusic) OPEN SIGNUP POLICY

    During the open signup you are welcome to create a single new account for yourself. It will not be accessible until reviewed and confirmed by a Staff member after the period of open signup ends. This may take up to a few weeks so be patient. Every confirmed user will be notified by email when their account is activated. Do not write to us asking about your account.

    We reserve the right to cancel any account registered during the open signup without explanation.

    The following is an excerpt from the Site Rules and the FAQ regarding new registrations. Make sure to read and understand it before registering.

    1) Members cannot change their usernames and e-mail addresses so choose wisely.

    2) Members may not have more than one account. Do not create an account if your disabled account is still in the system. Write to xbtmusic (at) gmail.com asking for an unban instead.

    3) New accounts must be registered from a home connection (and not a remote host, mobile phone link, or corporate/university/public network).

    4) The use of proxies is strictly forbidden.

    5) The use of VPNs is also generally forbidden. Do not register over any kind of a VPN link (i.e. a seedbox).

    6) We do not accept new registrations from the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates & Yemen.

    7) New accounts must be used to download at least 1GB and seed more than 1GB in the first 30 days of membership (not counting any start buffers).

    8) The language of the Site is English and only English can be used in public. We are a European/Western site and are organized accordingly (think EU/NATO countries and their politics)

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    signup is closed now?

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