Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers

As some of you may have noticed the Bitcoin option was added to the site under the donation tab. Unfortunately Bitcoin was removed for a few good reasons.

1. Bitcoin was hacked not long ago causing a major cluster fuck.

2. If you read some of this article it may prove to be accurate https://www.bitleechers.me/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=1166

3. The owner had checked into it and had it all set up and with all the bullshit involved to try and cash in the coins for real money wasn't what he anticipated.

So, we will no longer even think about using Bitcoin as an option any time soon. However, "Skrill Money Bookers" was added to give members another option if they wish to donate. If anyone has any suggestions of another option we can use please feel free to join Live Help or help desk and let us know.

Okay, with all that said we are in desperite need of donations to keep the site up and running. We need more of you loyal members to step up and support us for who we are and what we have done to bring you one of the best torrent sites out there. We hate to beg for donations, but the past few months have been a struggle for us. This should NOT be a struggle on a "Ratio Free" site giving every member a chance to hnr on 20 torrents before the system bans your downloads. We can't be much more fair then we have been. Although we could make the seeding Rules harder for everyone. But, that would make members go elsewhere and say the hell with Bitleechers. So it all it wouldn't be fair to the site or the members. Staff work hard and so do all the uploaders to bring you all the newest torrents possible at a reasonable speed and time frame.

Right now we are running the "Double Up" donation. When you donate while the image is displaying you will recieve double VIP and also a chance to enter in the Lottery to win 250GB of upload credit. So PLEASE help out and support Bitleechers and make a donation if you can afford to.

Thank You