Open for Invitation System and Related Notices

The website will open for inviting register until June. 7th, 11:59pm. All members are capable to invite their frineds to join in.
Price of invite is 50% off, and will be set to normal after the activity.
Also note that newbies' assessment must be fulfiled, requirement is same as usual (which could be found on the top in every page for newbies),
and notice that account without any activity will be disabled in 7 days.
Attention: Once trading for accounts, cheating or any other forbidden actions will lead your accounts disabled!

1. Our website is now stable. We have already test the RSS function on the utorrent and Flexget and it looks work fine.
If you have any others RSS plug-in that not work well, please submit your information about your plug-in here. Our staff will consider to add those plug-in into our supported list.
2. If your IP address is dynamic(usually for the Chinese user) and you still having problem with connecting to our tracker, please leave your information on this post. Write down what information show in your client and our staff will contact you and we will need you to provide your IP address for inquirying.
3. We have already published two new tags, you may use these two tags when you ready to upload your file in our site, please read the post on here before you use them.
4. We will delete the users who didn’t have login record since March. 31,2013 and whose class is no higher than 导演 from our database.
5. These clients will be NOT allowed to use soon:Deluge,Bittornado,Ktorrent,Bittorent。Please stop to use them and choose other allowed cliens。
In addition, Bittorent is NEVER allowed. Stop using it immediately or you will be warned.
6. “Without login record in 6 weeks” mean if your account didn’t have any login record within 6 weeks, your account will be disabled.
So you have to login our site whatever using your phone or your computer at least once every six weeks.
7. We encourage our members to comment on the torrent’s detail page, we will continue to improve the comment panel to make it easier to use

HDWinG Staff