[Announcement] Changes in the level invite

On behalf of the Forum, please inform people a little change in the level of tracker invite:
On 7-3, reset conducted invite all members to 0.
Today, May 9-3, conducted under the provisions granted to invite new people.
On the invite of the tracker is reset every 01 months. Invite all of you in the previous month will not be cumulative, including the invite was changed by point. example is your Master, was granted two invites, invites you change again point out 3 to 5, but in January you spend 1 to 4. Through the first month after the second will invite all the other Masters.
Number invite you receive is based on your user level on the invite at level (01). Therefore, if you are promoted to the other days of the month, invite some remain unchanged.
All levels of users can be granted only when logging invite in the last 3 months. Examples day fourth day invite reset for April, since the user does not login after 1/1 will not receive the invite.
Number invite for each level:
Veteran User, Extreme User 1 invite/ tháng, không cộng dồn
Ultimate User, Master 2 invites/ tháng, không cộng dồn
VIP, Honor, and Transporter 3 invites Uploader / month, not cumulative
Mod 10 invites / month, not cumulative
Admin, Sysop, Staff Leader 50 invites/ tháng, không cộng dồn