Dear wafflers,

Waffles is supported entirely by its community (that's you!), and we thank you for your donations that pay for our servers. Unfortunately we are currently running dangerously close to the red. To compound our problems, many of you may have been experiencing 502 gateway errors recently — this is related to hardware issues that are starting to plague us. It’s time for a server upgrade. If we are going to purchase the necessary hardware, we're going to need some extra help from the community to make it happen and keep the site running.

So we ask you, dear Wafflers: please take a moment to think about what Waffles means to you, and donate to keep us running. As always, 100% of the proceeds from your donations will go into paying our bills and funding our server upgrades.

We estimate that we have until approximately June 14th before we risk getting shut down. If we can raise 6000€ in that time, we will be able to pay our bills and make a dent in hardware payments. This will allow us to reward everybody with bountiful site-wide freeleeches. Good time to get your ratio up Most importantly, you'll sleep at night knowing that you helped keep Waffles running!

To make this fundraiser more exciting, we are taking a page from the Kickstarter book and introducing tiered donation point awards! Not only will you be able to make a contribution to our community, but you will be able to come away with some extra points to boot!

5€ - 350 points (enough to convert invites into anytime invites, or trigger half-leech for yourself)
10€ - 750 points (enough for a 48 hour half-leech for yourself)
20€ - 1500 points (enough for 24-hour freeleech for yourself)

BTW, we are cooking up some fun plans for the rest of the year. Can’t reveal too many details yet, but stay tuned…

Sincerely, the Waffles staff.