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    Spam folder

    Hey, The messages that i get here sent to the Gmail spam folder,
    Please try to fix it, I dont get any message from torrentinvitez this way :/

    I tried to unmark the email with "no spam", but it keep sending them to the Spam folder,

    My recommedation is that you can try to remove some sentences from the email itself.
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    Yeah but i think Tactical Fury already fixed this

    Thanx alot

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    This is a recent phenomenon which is not related at all to the content of the emails or how they are being sent out; it is related to some members flagging them as spam (triggering an automated email algorithm on Google's side of things) instead of bothering to switch off the notifications through email functionality in the User Control Panel. In any case this should sort itself out over a period of time if it didn't already, and in the meantime this should help.

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