HDWinG working group members recruited notice

A recording member (3 to 5)


You can record high-definition television at home and abroad (such as CCTV-HD, TVB, Hunan and other domestic high-definition sets; European and American high-definition television; KBS Korean television, etc.) of television programs;

Upload speed at 500k / s (4M fiber) above;

Willing to share resources, interests and lasting team player; against HDWinG HD up to people a sense of belonging;

Worker members welcomed the return of the former.

Two, HDWinG suppression group members (1 to 2)


Higher machine configuration, CPU or equivalent grade in i7 3770K above;

Network bandwidth than 10M;

Suppression of relevant experience of the film, it is best to show us your work, for HDWinG have a strong sense of belonging.

Third, the seeds of the editorial staff Helper (2-3 names)

There are plenty of online time, editing Introduction seeds are enthusiastic, have patience;

Have some foundation in English, ability to access posters Profile Find resources through the English title;

Willing to contribute their efforts for the seeds of editing HDWinG.

Fourth, professional designers (1-2)

Background in art or design, proficient in UI design and advertising design;

Willing to participate in the construction site, improve HDWinG image of people interested in a lasting design.

Interested parties please to recruit page , select the appropriate entry jobs, should fit, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Once hired, according to the results of the work, HDWinG reward will be given a certain level, will receive Encoder respectively, Helper level, the results were outstanding, the official will provide more specific incentives ....

HDWinG look forward to your joining, let's do better together!

Are you subscribing TV service from CableVision / Charter / Comcast / Cox / Verzion fiosTV? Share your HD experience to Our friend here in HDWinG!!
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Please PM timhal for Application.
Looking forward your HD sharing!