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    FnT : News

    Hello everyone To continue our development and offer more and more higher quality content, we are looking for members who wish to invest in different positions. We recruit: - Uploaders: it is always possible to test if you have the soul of an upload and complement our team. Of course, this new class will provide you with more opportunity to change, with some different functions and access. Actively seeking upload VOSTFR, whether alone or in teams, of course there is post your releases and not repost, this does not interest us. (We can provide technical assistance. - Manager Forum: there are still places in the staff for those who wish to do some managers, especially on the forum. - Designers: You are a whiz with photoshop or you are css savvy, you can help us improve the site .. Do not hesitate to apply.

    The upload is pressed only to upload (make a request to the staff if you want to give it a try.)
    - Irc available : take the same name

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    Sorry my ignorance. FNT is which tracker? Thanks

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