As new in a few days! V2 is in place, and a good portion of the major bugs (one thing at a time) have been corrected!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what little has changed / developed during the last days:
- The old address Classified Ad has been adapted to be supported by the new system, no need to change your 200 torrents!
- Some members complained of not receiving the email migration / change the password, several changes have been implemented in an attempt to solve this concern. IF you know someone who is still facing this problem, do not hesitate to bring on IRC
- You can now apply for reseed!
- A bot is available on IRC to keep you abreast of the latest up's.
- The API has been updates to include the list of tags, and the formatted size of the torrent.
- The feeds have longer need to be followed by a copy of your cookies, they are defective for some things, but it will be quickly corrected.
- You should not have H & R does not belong to you.
- Lots of Classified invisible things for your little eyes.

I remind you that the forum "Bugs" has been specially set up for you to discuss and report any concerns you might encounter, so do not hesitate to take a look!