Welcome PS Users

With the imminent death of the biggest sheet music tracker coming up very soon (the sysop went missing and the domain will expire soon), the staff here at mutracker have opened the doors to the users at pianosheets.org. Just a few stats real quick, pianosheets had its 10 year birthday on June 4th, they have over 15,000 torrents and 12,799 users. RIP in RIP pianosheets

New and Old Categories

Surely some of you have already notice a few of the missing categories that are part of a stock gazelle installation, since as a staff team we have decided that we want to move our focus over to a more music-centric community, we have done away with some of the categories like comedy, comic books and applications. In light of a whole torrent community dying, we have set up the new Sheet Music category to help keep all that content alive (in addition to the new Music Videos and Music Literature categories, for which the rules are currently in development).

New Secondary Class

We have created a new secondary class for editing, creating and maintaining articles on the site wiki. If you would like to be part of the Wiki Team please read the article about what the job entails and then please head over the forums and check out this post for details on how to apply.

Contest Time!

Adding the new Sheet Music category has given a us good opportunity, we will be having an upload contest!


Like always, the person who uploads the most sheet music during the contest period will be the winner. We will be handing out prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The sheet music must be in .pdf format - no archive files like .zip or .rar. Random collections of sheets in the same torrent are not allowed, but published books are fine.

Each single sheet is worth 1 point, and 3 points are given for music books. Music sheets for any /mu/core albums (see below) are worth 2 points for a single sheet, and 5 for a book upload. Some albums are worth bonus points, so get in quickly. Books must not be broken up into single sheet uploads. You should maintain a single post of all your uploads in the contest thread for your uploads to count (as well as the type of upload: single sheet, book, etc.). Multiple postings will not count, just edit a single post with updates.


1ST Place
1500 credits
5 invites
v+ in #mutracker for a month
A custom title
A torrent pick featured on the main page

2nd Place
900 credits
3 invites
v+ in #mutracker for a week
A custom title

3RD Place
300 credits
1 invites
v+ in #mutracker for a week

/mu/core Albums

Everything in this image will be considered /mu/core for the sake of the contest. The staff will be updating the image as quickly as we can so you know what has been uploaded already. Please annotate in your contest post which of your uploads are /mu/core, if any.

All entries will be posted here[/B]

The contest ends at 11:00am BDT, on July 12th. Please do not edit your posts with more uploads after that time, as they will be discounted.

--The Staff