The Notification of Our Site Changes

The new Bonus Points system has been put into practice. Plesase click here to see your bonus. The description of each term is already listed on the bonus page. The change of each term has been decided by staffs after we thought carefully. We encourage the protection of official resources, encourage to increase seeding numbers and seeding volumes, encourage to download more so that we can promote the virtuous cycle of resources. Please change your seeding strategy by yourself to earn more bonus points.

Any official torrents will be freeleech until there are more than 5 seeds. You can check the details by clicking the page of seeds asking for more leechers(Official/Freeleech). We will improve the lists later to make it better to view, and give a limited time of 2xFree to the rare resources. This is a good opportunity to increase your ratio, meanwhile the best way to increase your bonus points of internal group work. We hope everyone can seed more, protect these not easily got resources together.

Our site has started the function of auto-delete dead torrents, torrents would be auto-deleted if they are no activities of download/upload for more than 120 days in a row.

Our site give a chance of changing user name to senior users. Chinese, English letters(case-insensitive) and numbers in any combination are allowed, but not more than 20 letters. Click here to check the details.

Our site change the display mode of rules and faq pages, and these pages will be updated and modified continually, if you have some suggestions, please visit our forum and post your advice.

HDWinG Staff