The News I Never Wanted To Have To Post.

It's with a heavy heart that I bring you this news post today.

It seems once again that FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) have gone after the small site rather than those that make thousands each and every month in profit.

But what can we do ? I guess small sites make for big numbers :-(

I have been under investigation by FACT for some time it seems and to avoid being dragged through the courts and having huge legal fee's I have to adhere to their demands.

They have said that I need to hand them over the domain to this site and to cease my involvement with running such a site. If I comply then any and all charges against me will be dropped.

This means that in the coming week the domain (Registered to me) will be handed over to FACT for them to do with as they please. When this happens the site at this domain will no longer function.

This is the reason why the PayPal was removed from the site a few days ago as I did not want donations to be made that could not be used towards the costs of running the site.

They have not asked for anything from the DataBase. Simply that I stop what I am doing and sign over the domain. In simple terms, the Domain is simply the URL you type in to visit the site. It has no connection with your accounts, your security. There is no reason fro anyone to worry.

It's been a great run and I have really enjoyed what we have done here over the last few years. I want to thank everyone that has made it possible.

I guess I proved that what they said "Couldn't" be done.... Actually "Could" be done.