TorrentDay V.I.P Request

It is with great pleasure that TorrentDay has decided to open up Requests for v.i.p members, the rules are clear and must be followed


01. No spamming of requests

02. No bumping your thread!

03. No foul language

04. Do NOT make another request in the same thread and do NOT make a request in somebody else's request thread. Start a new thread.

05. Make sure it is available. Do NOT request anything that's not released.

06. Do not request for others. If this is done, it will result in a warning for you and the requester.

07. Do not ask where you can find a torrent in your request!

08. Search In Torrents before making a request!

09. Search this thread, to see if what you are after has already been requested

10. This is only for requests not complaints or chit chat. Please contact a Punisher or post your complaint in Issues and Problems.

11. Put the name of the request in the not put upload, file, or anything like that.

12. Include in your requests an IMDB link/TVRage link or other relevant link to accurately identify your request to those who may be unsure.

13. Only post the torrent link of your upload if you are filling a request! and say filled, and then PM the requester to inform them that their request has been filled.

14. UPLOADERS If you are filling a request, please contact a member of staff to ask them to ammend the title to indicate that you are preparing to fill a request, and then again to indicate it has been filled.

Any Of These Rules Get Broken, The Thread Will Be Deleted.

Staff: Please Lock If Filled

All Filled Requests Will Be Deleted To Make Room For New Requests!


Friendly Reminder: Before you search torrents to see if it's here before making a request to go into:

Profile>Browse Default Categories

Make sure all categories are Unchecked!

This will ensure you will find it!

To assist with searching, on windows based PC's, hit ctrl + F, this brings up a text search box to help locate keywords of your choice