European Championship Official Betting Thread

In this thread you're able to bet on the outcome of the EC soccer games. Once the game starts, there will be no more betting, your post will be deleted. Do it more than once and you'll get a warning, twice and your forum post rights will be taken away for a week (I will crop the template accordingly though so there won't be any misunderstandings ).
You'll bet GB upload amount: If your team wins, you will receive that amount, if your team loses, you'll lose that amount. If it's a draw (group stage), nothing happens. I'll add a multiplicator for really obvious games, so 0.5/1.5 will mean that you'd receive only 0.5x the credit you bet when you bet on the team on the left hand side but 1.5x when you bet on the team on the right hand side. If I wouldn't do this, everyone would receive some totally free upload credit for games like Spain - Croatia
Additional rules:
- score guessing: team wins, score guessed correctly: *1.3, team wins, score guessed wrong: *0.7, team loses, score guessed wrong: *-1.3, team wins, no score bet: *1, team loses, no score bet: *-1
- betting will be only in GB, don't bet MB!
- have the amount of upload you're betting, if you go into negative GBs at some point, your download rights will be taken away for a week and all your remaining bets for the EC are void!
- use the template below for the bets, all bets that aren't in the template will be void
- if you don't want to bet on certain games, just leave them blank
- there will be some other additional bets once the group stage is over (like overall winner, etc)
- credit is awarded after each day w/ games
- score betting isn't mandatory
- 100GB max/bet

Thanks to x420x for the idea!