Last Credit Promo Ever!
We've left our last promo going due to member request.. however...

If you're able to donate a little every month please do so. If you're able to only donate every couple months, then please do so. If you you're not able to donate this month, please donate next month and the month after; So on and so forth. Please keep your community strong and your site in the best shape possible and you'll never hear a peep from us again.

For the price of 1-2 fast food meals, 1-2 Starbucks coffees, 1 movie ticket, 1 BluRay Disc, etc a month, you could support your site for a greater cause and reap the benefits all month long and feel good about doing your part, instead of that 5 minute fix. Not to mention knowing that you're securing the site for months and years to come. The majority of us waste more money monthly, weekly and sometimes daily than it would take to support your great site every month, or even every other month for that matter. The value of Bitsoup is overlooked by most members unfortunately. Or, they just don't care. I know I wouldn't want to be in that group as it doesn't say much about oneself in my opinion. It's one thing if you can't, but another if you simply don't.

We don't ask for much, and shouldn't depend on the few to support the many. Please do your part. There isn't an argument good enough to give as to why those that can, shouldn't. Bitsoup in the scheme of things is worth every penny for your support given the massive amounts of dollars you save in using your great site every month, let alone in a years time. Additionally, in the safest and most secure environment possible which you won't find anywhere else!

Please keep your site strong every month as you'll never know how much you'll miss us, until we're gone!

We have a Budget Donation page tailored for everyone and you can always catch our current promos and specials here in the Bitsoup Promo Section where you'll always get the best bang for your buck.

And for a limited time Platinum Club is holding open enrollments as well