New Password System

Ok all,

Due to all the attacks on trackers lately we have upgraded our security again and with that upgrade made sure your details and passwords are even more secure!!!

Due to this upgrade we require all members to change their passwords (or recover them by email if forgotten)by the end of September (30 Sep 2014) to make sure the new password gets logged in the new system.

If you do not change it before then your password will be removed from the database and you will be required to change it via an email reset when you try to log in (after the 30 Sep 2014)!!


Please all there are sone VERY unscrupulous people out there that want your details.... The easiest way for them to get them is if YOU dont look after your on-line security!! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW (AT THE MINIMUM) the following guidelines:

DONT EVER use the same password for any 2 sites!!

If possible dont use the same login/email for any 2 sites!!

DO NOT make your password something easy to guess (you might not think someone knows your first dogs name, but are you sure you didnt mention it somewhere? Are you sure that account or your friends account hasn't been hacked? Positive? RATHER BE SURE!!)

A secure password is not a name or something you can guess... Example is john346 has a password strength of 0 while jdhf7^hr(,r;(88^ydb~ would have a MUCH higher rate as a password (NOTHING is 100%...), or do complex phrases like 4J@keL0udLeg01nE@r13 (this phrase is about jake being loud because he had a lego in his ear on 4/13)

We are sorry for the inconvinience, but we always make your security our primary concern!!!