ALL should read!: Maintaining your credits and being connectable

We get many CONTACT messages from people asking why their torrents won't seed after they've finished downloading, and

I check peer lists quite often, and it is amazing how many peers I see on torrents that are not connectable. If you wish to keep your credits up so you can continue to download the things you want, you really should make the effort to do everything you can to make yourself connectable.

Most torrents you're downloading will be uploading data while you're downloading. This is typical, as the connections are established by YOU *TO* the peers in the swarm, so they know how to find you to get data from you. But once the downloads complete, if you're not fully connectable, you'll see the seeding (you're a seed once the download completes) will drop to little, or nothing at all. There are 2 reasons for that...

1) You're connectable, but the torrent is now top heavy with seeders. Torrent clients always ask for pieces from the faster seeders in the swarm, so once its top heavy, you may not be "noticed" any longer by other peers still downloading.

2) and this is the MOST COMMON reason for NOT seeding... you're NOT connectable. Now that you're not asking for pieces of the file from the swarm, but only offering them, the peers can't get to you because you do not have a port forwarded, or do not have other settings correct in your torrent client (i.e. announcing on a port that is not allowed, using UPnP and announcing on multiple ports).

To do the best you can to maintain your credits, PLEASE take the time to make yourself connectable. Instructions and link to (they offer to sell you software to do this - don't bother, you do not need it!), a test link, and TIPS to help you are all in the below listed in the UPLOAD section of the FAQ:

Click here: Make sure you are CONNECTABLE by others before submitting any torrent --OR-- when having slow or no seed speed.

We understand that there are many members who are in uni's or other type locations where they do not have access to the routers so cannot port forward. In that situation, the best you can do is enable UPnP in your client and hope for the best. There's nothing we can do for you.

If you've done all that (correctly) and still have an issue, then there could be a transparent proxy in play.

Click Here: Ghost connections, transparent proxy and connectability.

It cannot be emphasized enough how necessary it is to be connectable in order to be a successful seeder!

DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that just because you're seeding fine to other sites, that you are connectable. Public sites trackers are much different, and many private sites, too.

If you have problems or questions, the chat is the best place to ask for help. But please, help yourself first! The instructions at are very good.

Updates for premium membership

Benefits for premium membership has been the same for a very long time. Even though new file formats have come along, files keep getting bigger, so I thought it was about time for some adjustments.

So what it comes down to is this:
One month of premium is now 2 euro.
This includes the same as before, 3x seed ratio, faster rss updates etc.
NEW is doubled allowed amount of active torrents, from 50 to 100.
Each euro donated also give 2Gc of credits, so 2 euro for a month of premium will get you 4Gc to get up and running.

Hope this makes it easier and more fun for everyone to watch their favorite TV!
Keep collecting the opiate of the masses

2014-03-17 More premium benefits

Added the ability to view more of your credit history as a premium benefit also.
Check it out on your profile.

[CENTER][B]Season Submits
Do NOT submit a season pack for the currently airing SEASON until 24Hrs after ALL of the singles/episodes have been submitted. This is to prevent season torrents being removed due to the last single/episode being nuked.

To reiterate regarding TVRIPS ONLY, some seem to think that if it (finally) aired on TV somewhere that a WEBRip, DVDRip, BluRayRIP or anything else your fertile imaginations can come up with will suddenly be allowed. Specifically "Orange is the New Black". None of those change the fact that it MUST BE A TV RIP, which common sense tells us must have aired somewhere and someone ripped if from the broadcast. There is no loophole that allows rips from media that is disallowed at any other time just because it aired somewhere. No misinterpretation of these rules allows you to be indignant when your submit is summarily deleted.

TV-rips only

As of today, we implement a new policy regarding rips from other media than TV. In principle, only rips from TV are allowed.

Submitting a rip from another source will be allowed under the following conditions:

The show originally and first aired on TV
There are no TV rips on the site
The show ended/was cancelled more than 5 years ago
TV rips should preferably be either .mp4 or 720p .mkv.

This policy is on top of the rules stated in the FAQ regarding file and folder naming, what is allowed and what not, etc. etc.

When no TV rips are available on the site, they may be submitted even if another version available. In the coming weeks, all show pages will be checked and if there is an alternative, non TV rips will be deleted.

TV-rips only - part 2

As of January 23, 2014, in principle, only TV rips are allowed (see news item 2014-01-23). There are, however, exceptions.
Since we prefer scene rips, and the scene does not seem to rip episodes from TV when a disc has been released, it is allowed to submit a disc rip ONLY for these episodes, and a full season torrent that contains these disc rips.

An example is:
Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life - Season 1 Complete (720p .mkv) (TV/BluRay).

When submitting such a torrent, please add the correct tags like (TV/BluRay), (TV/BD) or (TV/DVD) after the obligatory tags like .mp4 etc.
Select video source DVD or BLURAY (depending on the source of the missing tv-rip(s)).
Contrary to what is stated in the news item dated January 23, 2014, we decided not to delete the non TV rips, but rather nuke them and move them to a newly created show page.

//Admin Team