HDTime重新起航,感谢众会员大大力支持和协助,因为你们的支持,我们才有继续工作下去的动力。但管理 组的铜仁们苦于人单势孤,往往陷于心有余而力不足的窘境。为保证HDTime的特色资源能够长 期有效,不至 于落到断种的境地,现公开招募保种组成员,希望手里收藏有HDTime-10bit资源的朋友能够伸出援手,加入保种组,让我们一起见证HDTime的壮大与繁荣。



HDTime sail again, thanks for all the great support and assist members, because of your support, we have the motivation to continue to work forever. But the management group Tongren who suffer human single in prospect, often caught in very difficult dilemma. To ensure the long-term resources HDTime features effectively, and will not fall off the kind of situation, now open recruitment conservation group members hope the hands of a collection of friends HDTime-10bit resources can lend a helping hand, joined conservation groups, let us witness the growth and prosperity HDTime's.

About Conservation groups join conditions and reward system will be introduced subsequent rules, interested, please