TRIPLE donor offer

It's that time of the month again, time to pay the server bills, so all donor options have already been TRIPLED for 1 week only.

If you choose the V.I.P option you will have automatic unlimited freeleech for the duration of your stay in this class, you also bypass the Hit & Run script, so will get not have any risk of receiving warnings.

Upload amount has also been TREBLED, so depending on your donation amount, you will get a lot more for your Dollar.

Anyone who donates and has any active warnings on their account, should contact Blackcat upon completion, so he can clear them from your account.

The whole system is automated, so your account will be credited instantly.

Offer will end Monday 1st September at noon GMT.

please spare what you can, so we can carry on bringing you all the latest releases grin.gif


***If we struggle to cover the costs again this month, I will have no other option other than to downgrade the server and reduce our member base by a few thousand***

Thanks for your continued support, especially to those members that donate month after month wink.gif

This is an automated system message please do not reply!!!