2014.08.27 - Notice of encouragement as a responsible member of BBS moderator

To encourage a sense of responsibility as a member of BBS moderator (CMCT.cc) notice

old and new friends, Hello everybody, CMCT Forum since 2008 establishment, the careful management and dedication to supporting generations of enthusiastic members of the founder's next , full of more than six years to the vast number of exciting high-definition video enthusiasts, audio tracks and subtitles, the Forum has been a number of high-definition fans attention and recognition, in this also like to thank all the forum served as moderator and orderly management of the forum finishing the update of the resource. However, many of the original management team have entered middle age, married or had no time off since the beginning of care, a lot of friends in silent attention after exhaustion select the forum, some really no time landing Forum management or rarely finishing forum moderators friend If the call does not respond, the forum respect the status quo you busy family or career and bearing in mind your previous contributions. Talent in every generation the hope that more young people to continue touching the good atmosphere of spring, there is spare capacity of a force, you are welcome to apply by mail forum moderator you are interested in, as do the little things CMCT active forum atmosphere and promote a new round of prosperity, thanks! This time we recruit (1) Resources City district moderators main responsibility is to publish the Thunder fast pass and 115 network disk links, manage Thunder fast pass area, transit triage area, cyclone Sharing, require a certain degree of uplink and downlink bandwidth (2 ) Share City district moderators main duty is responsible for driving Forum Information Zone lively atmosphere, management information area, poster area, reproduced zones (3) Casual City district moderators main duty is responsible for driving the Forum Water District lively atmosphere, manage irrigation parks, boutique beauties, communities such comments (4) shunt group reservists main duty is to upload CMCT resources to quickly pass and network disk, requires a certain amount of uplink and downlink bandwidth of more than one month trial period for all positions! After enjoying positive moderator privileges and wages (Forum virtual currency) EMAIL: jorsen@cmct.cc mail format: [BBS User ID] + [version zone classification] (no BBS user account may be issued upon application by BBS invitation code) We welcome all of CMCT responsible and enthusiastic friends to join our team, you need to persevere and take some time every day to take care of the forum. Declined three minutes of heat, you're the one! ! ! In addition, the track team also needs to be able to provide members of the Mandarin audio track recorded material Mandarin audio track if you have the source, you are welcome to contact us, interested, please