SceneFZ Contest 08/26/2014

Dear users SceneFZ,

contests mark SFZ series continues with a new and original contest. This time we award the weirdest, funny or interesting job mismatch. Something like: "What I wanted to get and what we are."
Example: When I was little I wanted to get great DJ and we got a great butcher.


1. Google friend not involved in all this because we will find what you posted and you will be disqualified and will receive and warn.
2. We appeal to your honesty and sincerity, so we believe any fantasy that you had small children on trades. Therefore try to be as honest because that can bring you the big prize.


1st 6 months + 10 VIP invitations 2nd 10,000 SP + 5 guests 3rd 5000 SP + 3 invitations luck!