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    TTG: News


    根据最近会员反馈的情况及PT联盟相关站点的积极告知,迅雷普通版从7.8版本开始、迅雷尊享版、迅雷极速 版、迅雷精简版等各个版本都已开始支持加密链接,防迅雷吸血设置已经彻底失效,为了保证广大TTGer的利 益,请立即禁用自身所使用下载客户端中的DHT功能!!不禁用DHT还可能导致PASSKEY的泄露。PA SSKEY泄露可能被判定为公用帐号,导致帐号被封禁,请各位务必在公告发出后确认自己客户端的DHT功能 已关闭,在7天后管理组将开始进行彻查,passkey泄露严重以及开启DHT网络的会员帐号将被BAN, 请各位周知并积极配合!


    Important Notice on "Download the client immediately disable DHT function"! Please read carefully executed immediately!

    Based on the positive feedback to inform members and the recent alliance PT related sites, the Thunder ordinary version from 7.8 version, Thunder Exclusive Edition,Ultimate Edition Thunder, Thunder Lite, and various versions have begun to support encrypted link, anti-vampire Thunder settings have been complete failure, in order toensure the interests of the majority TTGer, disable itself immediately download the client using the DHT function! ! Not disable DHT may also lead PASSKEY leakage.PASSKEY leak may be judged to be a public account, resulting in the account beingbanned, please be sure to send the announcement to confirm their client's DHT is turned off, the management group at 7 days will begin a thorough investigation, passkeyand open disclosure of serious DHT network members account will be BAN, pleaseknown and actively cooperate!

    NAS首选 西数6TB红盘体验会北上广三站粉丝招募开启






    Western Digital 6TB NAS preferred red plate northward wide experience will open three recruiting station Fans

    Western Digital has teamed up with the site experience will be successfully held three times.

    The more massive, more than just the Shanghai Railway Station, Beijing and Guangzhou adds special.

    Still the same: Admission gifts, sweepstakes pumping hard, PT scene Membership Rewards points so no less.

    Interested and hope the day will certainly be able to visit the site to observe members.

    Specific details of the time schedule and activities, please see this post:
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