Hey Geeks! To celebrate 200 entries of TheGeeks Weekend Freeleech,
here's a special extra large installment. Enjoy! :-D ~ TG Staff.

TheGeeks Weekend Freeleech #200

Discussions Of the Week:

What Games Do You Play?

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Amazon Buys Twitch.tv - Goes to War with Google in Live Video Streaming

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And last but not least, this week's FLOTW torrents:

How Video Games Changed the World (2013)
From Pong to Grand Theft Auto, Charlie Brooker delves into the history of videogames and pulls out a selection of its most significant titles. From Atari to Angry Birds, How Videogames Changed the World explores how interactive entertainment evolved from a penny arcade diversion into a medium that some believe is art, and shows how it is changing the way we work, communicate and, of course, play.

How to Solve a Cryptic Crossword
Both entertaining and informative, this programme features a number of crossword compilers who explain the tricks of their trade. Also includes some nice vintage clips and some frustratingly short snippets of a Richard Stilgoe song.

Dan Heisman - Improve Your Chess
In this series of five instructional videos for ICC Chess.FM, Dan brings you his innovative teaching methods on how to play better chess - and all packed with sound advice from the maestro himself.

[NEUTRAL] The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles
For thousands of years, games and puzzles have been an enjoyable and rewarding aspect of human civilization. They tease our brains. They challenge our memories. They strengthen our competitive skills. And whether it’s chess, poker, or Sudoku, most games have this in common: Everything you need to win is rooted in mathematics.