Global FreeLeech

Good afternoon!

ICETorrent Team prepares a period of Global FreeLeech, where we'll be able to enjoy depending on your personal preference of all torrents located in the stock and those which will be uploaded in this period!

For good procedure of this action, as appeal to your help, namely:

1.ANY user can appreciate work of uploader team by granting: a comment suitable/say "THANKS BUTTON"/offering bonus points.

2. ALL users with a uploads right, are ask/encouraged, to upload a torrents, to improve the content of this tracker.

3. DO NOT hesitate or be afraid, when you press the icon to download.
- Avoid to do H&R.
- Repear the ration, Release blocked slots.

4. Staff Members which shall have the right to amend/complete torrent description, both in appearance and usefulness, please give a helping hand!