Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers

We regret sending this type of Announcement, but we are in desperate need of Donations. Last month wasn't as bad, but this month is piss poor. "WE mean POOR"! With that said and with the Donation Progress bar in the upper right of the Site, you can clearly see how aweful the Donations are this month. Staff and the owner can't keep putting money out of their own pockets and doing what they do to keep this Site running and also have the members do nothing but Hit and Run. It would be nice to see our Donation Progress reach atleast 50% each month to cover just about half of our Server & Coder Bills. We are at 15% with 2 days left to pay these Bills. We aren't asking you all to donate so we can cover 100% because we know that just wont happen, but 50% with our Members Database isn't much to ask for. The "Cinema" was added to give back to the members hoping the Donations would increase, but it seems with the amount of members watching movies in the Cinema it may be time to remove it from ALL members viewing movies and make it for Donors and VIPS. Seems no matter how much we make this Site better them most YOU the members don't care. We only have a handful of members who Donate on a monthly bases and we would like to THANK them for helping Bitleechers. Without you Donors we wouldn't be here to bring you all what we have so far.

So, as you can see the Donation banner is up on the Site. Anything you Donate in the next 3 days you will recieve DOUBLE everything listed of the amount you Donate. We ask that you Donate what you can afford. If you can't afford to Donate this month then that is fine. Donate when ever you can afford to and you have extra funds to do so. If Donations don't pick up in the next few months we may have to make some big changes that will effect ALL Members.

If you can't afford to Donate then maybe you can apply to be an Uploader or perhaps maybe apply to be a Moderator. These are other options that members have to Donate their time and effort to help others and the Site.

Thank You For Your HELP and Please Enjoy Bitleechers!

BitLeechers Staff Team