Relevant notification

HDWinG development needs of our members who join us and to work together to create more high-quality shared environment. Now issued the following recruitment notice:

1 If you are not directly involved in the recording or repression in the past, but are willing to contribute their efforts for the development of the site, dedicated to provide high-speed stability HDWinG Figure bed (requires a thumbnail feature, and we must ensure long-term stability), or high-pressing machine with remote control (quad-core or more bandwidth> = 10mbps) for our film and television group used remotely operated group, welcomed the application page submission. Meet the conditions, once adopted, as a donation, donate awarded honorary flag and the corresponding feedback. To make a very important contribution to a friend, will be directly awarded VIP. HDWinG look forward to your support

2 channels if you have a high-definition resources, including but not limited to national drama, variety, quality lossless music resources, welcomed the application page application Uploader, a detailed description of the resource channels and release plans. Uploader there is a certain amount of release assessment, declined to name only but does not work Uploader.

3 If you are proficient with Photoshop or have relevant work experience of web design and interface transformation HDWinG willing to sacrifice a force, welcomed the application page to apply art. Please briefly describe your experience, it is best to give individual works. Audit by our working group will be given the title and assign certain tasks.

The rest of the group to apply for more, see the application instructions . For reasons too simple application, we may not reply. If it wants to join, please take seriously this time to apply.

Given the attack has not stopped, at the same time condemning the attackers, the site limits the number of concurrent with the IP. If some seeds red kind, the user can manually update also can wait Tracker next automatic update. Thus the inconvenience, please understand.

Robot Zero has been restored thanks to the strong support of the mysterious person. If you like the resource Zero release, please express support in the following ways: subscription, thanks reply. If some resources and thanks to the number of downloads is not ideal, we will consider abolishing the release of these resources. Seeds of the page in order to save space.

HDWinG Management Group